How To Get The Most Out of Confluence Cloud

Whether you’re still on training wheels or ready to fly on two wheels, we’ll show you how to use Confluence Cloud like a pro. Join this webinar to learn the best ways to share knowledge, collaborate, and stay informed in Confluence.

Confluence Cloud Product Marketers will show you how to excel in Confluence with the latest features. Join this webinar if you’re a newcomer or old hat and ready to level up your skills.

Whether you use Confluence for managing knowledge across your organization, staying informed and engaged, or collaborating with your team, this webinar will show you how to:

  • Set up well-organized sites and spaces
  • Create beautiful pages
  • Find information in a snap
  • Use popular integrations to move work forward
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Claire Maynard

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Confluence Cloud

Claire gehört zum Marketingteam von Atlassian und hat schon viele Projekte in den Bereichen Wachstum, Performance und Produktmarketing umgesetzt. Aktuell ist sie für die Marken-, Inhalts- und Go-to-Market-Strategie für Confluence Cloud zuständig. In ihrer Freizeit liebt es Claire zu surfen oder zu joggen, neue Restaurants in San Francisco auszuprobieren oder Städte auf der ganzen Welt zu bereisen.

Jessica Taylor

Product Marketing Senior Team Lead, Confluence Cloud

Jessica has been a senior operations and marketing leader at consumer tech and mobile startups for over decade. She adores learning from Atlassian customers and working with Confluence's product team to create solutions that help teams unleash their potential. She’s a recovering startup founder, aspiring novelist, and mother to three feminist children.