Cross-team agility and collaboration at Lumen with Jira

Maintaining a competitive edge in any industry today requires agility and alignment across the entire organization. Join this webinar to learn how Lumen’s software development and business teams move fast while staying connected with Jira.

Scaling agile practices to keep pace with customer needs and stay ahead of the competition involves teams of teams working on a unified front. However, the process often uncovers silos keeping teams in the dark and disparate tools impeding coordination.

At Lumen, agile collaboration spans 100s of teams. How did they do it? As Lumen scaled, its teams relied on Jira to stay aligned on big picture goals and plan cross-functional deliverables, all in accordance with their own ways of working. Software development teams track issues from one sprint to the next in software projects, while their cross-functional partners track tasks in business projects. Everyone’s work is brought into a shared plan in Jira, where timelines and deliverables are mapped to important dates, dependencies, and capacity.

Join Rob Mulvaney, Sr. Manager - Agile Transformation Office at Lumen, and Atlassian’s Jira experts in this webinar to learn:

  • Common challenges to scaling agile across teams of teams
  • How Jira’s advanced planning capabilities (formerly known as Advanced Roadmaps) enable cross-team agility and a first look at its newest features
  • How Lumen visualizes software and business projects in Jira to plan and track cross-functional work
  • Tips and resources for getting started with Jira’s advanced planning capabilities

If you’re not able to attend, feel free to register and we’ll send you a recording right after the session.


Robert Mulvaney

Sr. Manager - Agile Transformation Office at Lumen

Service- und leistungsorientierter Senior Manager in der Organisation Strategic Planning & Transformation von Lumen. Engagierter und effektiver Leiter, der die Einführung von SAFe sowie von Atlassian Cloud-Produkten (Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Management) bei Lumen unterstützt. Umfangreiche Erfahrung in der Governance und Umsetzung von Aufnahme- und Kapazitätsmanagementmodellen in allen Geschäftsbereichen. Verantwortlich für die Agile Transformation-Anwendungen und die Arbeitsweise von Lumen – einschließlich des Support-Modells für 7.000 Atlassian-Benutzer, der Multi-Cloud-Umgebung und der Entwicklungs-Roadmap.

Carol Jang

Product Marketing Manager, Jira

Carol Jang ist im Produktmarketing als Managerin für Jira Software zuständig. In ihrer Freizeit schreibt Sie gerne Geschichten und sucht nach neuen Möglichkeiten, ihre kreative Ader auszuleben. Ihre Leidenschaft gilt der Skalierung agiler Teams und allem, was damit zu tun hat.

Abby Stiris

Product Marketing Manager, Jira

Abby engagiert sich mit Begeisterung dafür, Teams produktiver werden zu lassen. Als Product Marketing Manager bei Jira erstellt sie Inhalte, stellt Fragen und sucht nach neuen Wegen, um Teams Zeit zu sparen.