Atlassian + Split integration

Atlassian and Split combine best-in-class issue and project tracking, feature flagging, and experimentation to enable software teams to build impactful products with unparalleled speed and safety.

Connect issues and flags so teams can seamlessly coordinate and stay up-to-date on projects and releases.

Atlassian + Split
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Connect feature flags to Jira issues

Add a feature flag (split) to an issue by connecting to an existing flag or creating a new flag from the Jira issue screen. The issue number will be prefilled in the form for quick and easy setup. Once connected, you and your teams can easily ensure all features are gated behind a flag, and track flag and rollout status directly in the issue details.

Quickly and easily add a feature flag to a Jira Issue
View all Jira issues linked to a feature flag in Split

View outstanding Jira issues in Split

See the issue name, assignee, and status for all Jira issues linked to a feature flag in Split. You can also add Jira issues directly within Split by issue number. With this information, you or a teammate can check for outstanding Jira issues in Split to ensure all related work is complete before rolling out a feature to users.

Coordinate controlled rollouts across teams

Once a feature flag has been configured with targeting rules in Split, the Jira issue will reflect the current feature flag configuration (on or off) and rollout status (percentage rollout or number of targeting rules applied). Having flag and issue details in both platforms helps reduce context switching between windows and creates better visibility across teams.

View feature flag configuration and rollout status of a Jira Issue

Why Split and Atlassian?

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Enable Continuous Delivery

Feature flags support continuous delivery by decoupling code deploy from release, allowing engineers to merge code early and often without disrupting the user experience. Our integration empowers engineers to gate every feature behind a flag by making it part of the issue creation process.

Create Visibility Across Teams

With our integration, engineers and project managers can easily view and share project and release statuses. If a teammate is about to ramp up a feature flag to more users, they can quickly check for any unresolved Jira issues in Split before updating targeting rules.

Mitigate Technical Debt

Having feature flag and issue details in both platforms also helps teams quickly identify feature flags ready for code cleanup by checking if they’re 100% released and all Jira issues are done. This helps prevent more technical debt from accumulating over time.


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Live Split Product Demo

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Teams across the world rely on Atlassian+Split

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“We can keep releasing code but make features accessible only when we need them to be, with the click of a button.”

Chris Conrad, SVP Engineering at WePay

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