More than 60 percent of Atlassian server customers use a Marketplace app or integration. And when asked about what factors they evaluate when choosing software, 65% of Atlassian Community leaders said that extensibility and apps are “very important” or “extremely important” factors to consider.

Because we know that app availability and support are key decision-making criteria in a customer’s decision to move to cloud, we’ve been actively investing in app and app data migration this year.

And we’re not doing it alone. We’ve teamed up with Marketplace Partners (the brains behind your favorite apps) to bring automated app migration functionality to the Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistants. Automated app data migration for supported Jira and Confluence apps will first be available via early access programs, and is scheduled to roll out broadly at the end of this year. Forty-two popular Marketplace apps are already building automated migration paths as part of early access programs, including customer favorites like ScriptRunner for Jira by Adaptavist, Zephyr for Jira Test Management by SmartBear, and Table Filters and Charts for Confluence by StiltSoft.

When automated app migration functionality becomes generally available, customers will be able to automatically migrate apps and app data using the Cloud Migration Assistants at the same time that projects, spaces, and users are migrated to cloud. Here’s what that will look like within the Cloud Migration Assistants:

Many Marketplace apps already offer manual migration paths or have developed automated migration paths as part of our early access programs. If you’re wondering whether the apps you plan to use in cloud can be migrated, the best place to start is by completing an app assessment using the free Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistants. You can also reference this list of Marketplace apps that have automated migration paths in development as part of our early access programs.

The app assessment output will show you the apps you currently have installed on your on-premise instance; whether those apps exist in cloud; links to feature differences documentation; and information on what migration pathways currently exist. You can use this information to build a plan based on which apps you need in cloud and how to migrate app data, as shown below.

Making a plan for your apps early in the migration journey is an important part of planning a move to cloud.

Customer spotlight

When Rockwell Automation migrated to cloud, they used the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to identify which apps to take with them. They saw a 90 percent reduction in maintenance overhead after making the switch.

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We know that no migration conversation is complete without talking about apps. In fact, 20,000 customer decisions were made by using app assessment last year about whether to keep an app in cloud, use a different app, or stop using an app.

If you’re thinking about migrating and wondering how you’ll migrate your apps and app data, here are two things you can do to get started today:

  1. Complete an app assessment using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and/or Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant so you’ll know which apps to account for in your cloud migration plans. Watch this demo for help getting started.
  2. Determine what migration paths currently exist for apps you’ll need in cloud. If apps you need don’t have migration paths available today, reference this list of apps to see if the Marketplace Partner has plans to support automated app migrations in the future. You can also check the Cloud Roadmap for information on when automated app migrations will be widely available.

We’re making it easier to migrate your Marketplace apps