Atlassian University helps you master your craft and garner recognition for your product expertise. Whether you’re looking for personal development or team training, our offerings run the gamut from novice to expert, on-demand to on-site, and instructional to hands-on, all while enabling you to do your best work and be recognized for it. For over 125,000 companies, Atlassian tools play an integral role in their ability to achieve great results, and more than ever, individuals and teams are aware of the added career benefits that come with honing their Atlassian skillset.

We’re proud that more than a million LinkedIn users highlight experience with Atlassian tools in their “Skills and Endorsements.” As experience with Atlassian products becomes an increasingly visible asset for career development, we want to make sure you’re aware of the resources and services available to help you succeed with our products and contribute to your work and career.

Get started right

Starting on a new team or in a new role is tough on its own; throw in tools you’ve seldom used and it can feel overwhelming. When a tool has as much capability as Jira does, getting a thorough introduction to its capabilities and features from the start is key. You’ll make better choices up front and have the ability to optimize the product for your team. You’ll also save time and money, setting things up “right” from the start.

The extensive curriculum that Atlassian University offers makes it simple to do just that: get started right. From interactive tutorials to practice quizzes to hands-on exercises in our virtual labs, our offerings cover the most popular user topics and tasks, and range from entry-level to expert. Here are a couple examples to consider:

Earn your stripes

Atlassian University is your one-stop location to expand your skills through Atlassian Training courses and demonstrate your knowledge by getting Atlassian Certified. Some users go years thinking they know all there is to know about Jira only to discover they’ve just scratched the surface of what the product can do.

In the prep session, I learned the depth and breadth of what I didn’t know about Jira. I’ve been a Jira admin for 10 years, but I didn’t realize how focused I was on what I already knew. There’s a whole world of things I’m not using. Yet! – Kathy Barton, VP of Agile Analytics, WebbMason Analytics

Realizations like this are exactly what Atlassian University is designed for: helping users discover and develop skills that can open new doors for them. If your goal is to become a Jira Administrator in two years, Atlassian University can provide an easy-to-follow path to do just that. You’ll better understand your current skill level, and what you need to learn next.

If you want your achievements to be more visible in your career path, there’s no better way to do this than to get Atlassian Certified. Getting Certified allows you to claim a coveted spot among an exclusive community of validated product experts, and it substantiates that you’re at the top of your game and have sought-after knowledge.

Atlassian Certified Professionals have the hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills that organizations need to successfully plan, deploy, and scale Atlassian products. If you value your Atlassian product knowledge as a leading skill in your toolbox, then you can be assured that the top hiring companies do too.

Play (and grow) as a team

Scaling your tools alongside your business doesn’t – and shouldn’t – mean that each new team member requires his/her own individual training. We’ve heard from several customers who, in retrospect, wish they had invested in dedicated training for their teams to achieve a smoother rollout.

Team training packages are designed to get the main members of your teams – admins, super users and team leads – trained all at once so they can plan, collaborate, and focus on their needs together. Let’s say you’re coordinating the change management efforts of a merger or acquisition, and you have several hundred new team members who need to get up to speed on Jira, fast. With Atlassian Training, you can purchase team training and get ahead of any potential roadblocks by ensuring that your team is on the same page from day one.

Now, let’s say there are varying levels of expertise within this new group being onboarded. You can pre-purchase bulk training credits and allow new team members to redeem those credits on the courses they need, empowering them them to excel in their roles with new skills.

Last but not least, team training – and even pursuing Atlassian Certification as a team – can have a collaborative impact, bringing you and your colleagues closer together.

One of the most effective ways for me was to work with others looking to certify as a team. We each helped gather the necessary study materials and taught each other the things that each of us knew. Having  study partners who can identify your weaknesses and show you how those particular features work was a huge help. Our study groups also collaborated on “study guides” that we then were able to share with others in our community. Yay teams! – Larry Brock, Atlassian Community Champion and Solutions Partner Technical Architect

Let’s break ground

For companies using Atlassian tools to build software, success depends on the teams who develop and support it. Ensuring these teams have the best resources to learn, grow, and advance is essential, and Atlassian University provides the means of doing so. Think about building your career like you would building a house. It’s extremely personal to you; you want to consider and oversee every vantage point, every doorway, every angle.
If Atlassian products are the tools and supplies, then your achievements and your ability are the evolving structure. And Atlassian University? It’s your architect.

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