Introducing a new tier of Jira Work Management: Premium, launching on July 17, 2023.

If you need more than one Jira project to capture all the ongoing, cross-functional work happening across your organization, kudos. 👏 Your teams have reached a level of productivity that’s ready for scale.

With Jira Work Management Premium, you’ll have more visibility, automation, and capacity to help you bridge all those teams together and create a crystal clear picture of what’s getting done.

Let’s walk through the new features you can start using today with a free trial.

Already using Atlassian Cloud Premium or Atlassian Together? You’ll automatically be upgraded to Jira Work Management Premium.

See across teams with an overview

Complex, cross-functional work doesn’t have to be intimidating — it means that your teams are making an impact in key areas of the organization. Support them with overviews.

With an overview, team members can combine multiple Jira Work Management projects in one place and choose between the different views they already know: summary, calendar, and timeline.

For team leads, the summary tab in an overview gives unique insights into all the ongoing work happening on the broader team level or for a specific, cross-functional initiative. The calendar and timeline views in an overview will show the overlap between projects, helping you understand and plan for dependencies on a more granular scale.

Overviews can clarify questions that anyone across the organization might have, no matter how involved they are in the day-to-day.

Take out the guesswork and choose how far out you zoom.

Automate away

Jira Work Management Premium comes with more global and multi-project automation rules — 1,000 per month per user.

That means you and your teams will spend less time doing administrative work and more time completing the tasks themselves. It’s not just about the minor details, automation can solve large-scale visibility questions for entire organizations like Lumen. Who wouldn’t want more efficiency, focus, and cost savings?

You don’t have to start from scratch: check out the automation template library to see which rules make sense for your teams.

Jira on your terms

If you currently manage multiple project management tools, drawing clear connections between cross-functional teams can be difficult. Make the switch to Jira by importing your first project today.

With Premium features like admin insights, project archiving, and unlimited storage, you’ll have more control over how your entire Jira organization is built. Coming soon, you’ll even be able to decide when to enable new features for your teams.

Plus, you’ll be supported with 24/7 Premium support.

Coming soon: Ensure quality with approvals

But that’s not all — Jira Work Management Premium has even more features on the way that are built for scale. Soon, you’ll be able to add an approval step to your workflows. Tasks will follow a clear process between statuses depending on whether the specific approver gave the 👍.

Join us on the Atlassian Community to be the first to know when approvals and even more Premium features launch.

Unlock productivity at scale on Jira Work Management Premium