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You may have noticed a theme these past few Jira Service Desk releases – the team has been focused on making approvals a whole lot easier for your team. In Jira Service Desk 3.9, we implemented a THEN clause which allows you to automatically approve or decline requests when they meet certain criteria. In 3.10, we made approvals more visible by updating the approvals section on the right side panel of the issue. And most recently in Jira Service Desk 3.12, we’ve added approval buttons to the request notification email to speed up the process. Read on to learn more.

Approvals via email

We know a lot of our customers use email as their main work communication tool, and now it’s possible to approve directly from the request email.

In 3.12, we’ve added two new variables to the approval notifications email template – approvers get the full details of the request, plus approval buttons, to make it really easy to take action.

Need to book a last minute flight that requires manager approval? No worries! Just jump on the customer portal and fill out the request form. The nominated approver will receive the request email, with full request details, and can simply hit the Approve button direct from the email. Voila! Flight approved and you’re ready to take to the skies.

Approvals via the customer portal

As IT agents, we know having no clear visibility on the approval status can lead to confusion and delays. That’s why we made the approvals of requests more visible in both the customer portal and service desk project. In 3.10, all actions involving request approvals now appear in the updated approvals section on the right side panel. We also added the ability to see when an approval happened in the activity feed.


Approvals via automation

Efficiency is key to running a great service desk, and there’s no better way to improve that than with automation. In 3.9, we implemented a THEN clause, allowing automatic approval or declining of requests when they meet certain criteria.

For example, you may decide any hardware requests created for an item less than $20 are automatically approved, or any software requests over $10,000 are automatically declined. This frees up your agents to deal with the more important requests.

In the example below, we’ve set up a rule for our customer reimbursement requests. If the customer value is under $50, the request is automatically approved.

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Approvals just got a whole lot easier in Jira Service Desk Server