Jira CRM integration

Delivering great customer service requires knowing your customer inside and out, which is why we’re excited to announce our new app that helps organizations do just that. CRM for Jira Cloud gives you an easy way to connect your JIRA Service Desk Cloud and JIRA Software Cloud instance to your CRM so you get a holistic view of your customer feedback from sales to support to dev. Our integrations with top CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot will take your customer service to the next level.

Get the context you need to deliver a better customer experience

Whether your customers reach out to report a bug, pick up a sales call, or submit an important request, they need a seamless experience across all their interactions with your organization.

To provide customers the personalized experience they expect, your sales, marketing, development, and support teams all need easy access to customer profiles that provide important context. Who is the customer? Where do they work? Does their product need an upgrade? Are they associated with a priority account?

Integrating Jira Cloud and Salesforce gives teams across your organization helpful context about customer history, account info, previous communications, and feedback. With this information:

  • Support agents can expedite troubleshooting and issue resolution with a view of recent customer activity and sales right from their ticket resolution screen.
  • Sales and marketing professionals can create more successful strategies and have better sales calls by reviewing support cases and understanding the history of an account.
  • Product managers and developers can prioritize new feature requests by incorporating client information into their work.
CRM for Jira Cloud showing customer data in issue resolution screen
Our Salesforce Jira integration allows you to view rich customer data right from the issue resolution screen
Screenshot showing customer information from Salesforce tied to Jira Software issues
Jira CRM integration ties customer information from Salesforce to Jira Software issues

If you’re looking for additional capabilities like comment and ticket syncing with Salesforce, check out Atlassian Marketplace partners like ServiceRocketGo2Group, and zAgile.

Resolve issues more quickly

Efficient service requires cross-functional team collaboration to address issues. Connecting Jira Cloud with your CRM offers all your teams a view of the status of work for key customers, so you can better prioritize and assign responsibilities across your organization. Over time, you can track trends and look for opportunities to simplify going forward.

With CRM for Jira Cloud, your teams can also trust that they have the full picture of customer interactions in a single user interface.

Easily connect Jira Cloud to your CRM

You can set up CRM for Jira Cloud in less time than it would take to separately look up a customer’s information in your CRM and Jira Software – nobody wants to do that.

Simply provide your account credentials, tell us which CRM fields you want to display and you’re done! You’ll have a complete view of your customers across support, development, and sales with integrations to top CRMs.

Screenshot of how to connect Jira Cloud to top CRMs
Easily connect your Jira Cloud instance to Salesforce or other CRMs

CRM for Jira Cloud: close the customer feedback loop from sales to support to development