One of our favorite things at Atlassian is getting to know our customers and hear about how you’re using our products to build your own kick-ass software. Sometimes we get to do this in person at events like Atlassian Summit coming up next week, but often times this happens via video conferences and surveys – such as our annual survey for Fisheye/Crucible (thanks to everyone who participated!).

Based on your feedback, we focused on two areas you said are increasingly important: review workflows and Git support.

Code review activity and states

Changeset reviews are by far the most widely used feature – 87% of you indicated it is one of the most important features you use in Crucible – so we wanted to make sure you could keep track of what is going on in your code reviews. The newly updated code review activity stream now includes state information (review opened, closed, completed) in context with new comments in chronological order.

Review activity stream screenshot

Git and Bitbucket Server 4.0 support

Git usage among Fisheye/Crucible customers is still on the rise. This year, 60% of you told us you are using Fisheye/Crucible with Git – up from 47% just 2 years earlier. To make sure your experience with Git is stellar, we’ve added support for the latest Bitbucket Server release (formerly Atlassian Stash). 

And since Git supports many flexible branching models, we’ve spent the last few releases improving review workflows and the performance of branch indexing. Indexing is now 3 times faster on newly created branches, and branch reviews now can be created from the activity stream, and reviews will be automatically updated when any new changes are committed.

Other good stuff

The release includes a lot of other fixes and changes, too. Check out the Fisheye 3.10 release notes and Crucible 3.10 release notes to read about them in detail.

Start tracking code review activity for free

Keep track of your code review activity with Fisheye and Crucible 3.10