Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the Atlassian Ecosystem has reached an unprecedented milestone: $1B in lifetime sales. Yes, one billion. Few companies, let alone enterprise software marketplaces, reach a milestone of this caliber. Congratulations to each of you who have helped build the Atlassian Marketplace into what is today!

As a former Marketplace vendor myself, I vividly recall the exact moment of our first license sale. That moment had a lasting impact on me and every single member of our team, both professionally and personally. From the humble startup days building a Marketplace app with my team, I don’t think I could have imagined how far the Atlassian Ecosystem would come in just a few short years. When I officially joined Atlassian, the Ecosystem team had recently shipped Connect 1.0 and closed out the year with $50M in sales. Since then, this community has delivered hundreds of new apps, grown to more than 1,000 vendor partners, and over 25,000 developers.

We ended last fiscal year with $300M in app sales, our strongest year yet. That’s $225M paid out to developers – funding thousands of jobs in our communities, including 50 million-dollar businesses in the ecosystem!

Your team’s contributions to the Atlassian Marketplace and our customers cannot be understated. You’ve solved for an incredible number of customer use cases and have taken our products to places we couldn’t even think of. You’ve connected teams across departments, timezones, and languages, and you’ve saved customers countless hours of work by automating workflows and tailoring our products to fit exactly how these teams do their best work. You are a key reason why many of our customers have become and remain passionate champions of Atlassian.

More than 60% of our customers use at least one app or integration from the Marketplace, and as we look towards our largest customers, that number is well over 80%. The work you do impacts the life of tens of thousands of Atlassian customers, and millions of users worldwide.

It’s an incredible feeling to be on this journey with you. As I look at the opportunities ahead and our big long-term mission to unleash the potential of every team, I feel confident to say: We’re still just getting started! 

To accelerate this mission together, we’ve recently made another big announcement: Forge. Forge is our new cloud development platform that will empower developers to more easily build and run enterprise-ready cloud apps that integrate with Atlassian products. Forge sets the path for the next stage in our journey together. We can’t wait to see what your teams accomplish!

Congratulations again to each of you from everyone at Atlassian!

A milestone moment: $1B in lifetime sales