How much time do you spend every week trying to find things? At home, it’s finding your keys and, at work, it’s finding the root cause of a bug or an old pull requests that introduced the bug. Since we’re not in the business of tracking your keys, Bitbucket Server 5.13 is making it easier to discover repositories and find pull requests tied to a given commit. You can also enjoy support for Git v2, with faster no-op fetches.

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Git v2 support

Git v2 protocol will have you saying, “That’s so fetch!” The latest improvements won’t change how you use Git in the command line, but they’ll be great for fetch-hungry CI/CD tools. After Google recently rolled out v2 protocol, they observed, “…a performance improvement of 3x for no-op fetches of a single branch on repositories containing 500k references.”

Maybe you’re not ready for Git v2 (just yet). Either way, your Bitbucket instance responds based on whatever protocol is used to issue a request.

Pull requests by commit

Reading code and commit history is much like diving into the annals of your team’s history. A particular change might leave you scratching your head asking, “Why did they do it like that?”

With our latest improvement to Bitbucket Server’s commit search, you can see the pull request associated with a given commit. No more guessing about why a change was approved. You’re just a click away from reading the full story.

While we’re talking about history and pull requests, comment replies now move comments to the top of your activity stream on the pull request overview to keep you always in-the-know. No more hunting down that last fix recommendation or uncovering the latest bike-shed discussion.

Improving repository discovery

On a daily basis, you might commit to one repo while reviewing pull requests from another. As your organization grows in age or team size, the number of repositories you touch grows too. With that, finding the repo you’re looking for becomes complicated and more time-consuming.

Repository labels offer a new way to search and discover the myriad of repositories you’ve yet to encounter. With up to five labels, you can identify a repo by language, framework, service type, and more. On-boarding a new developer? They’ll have an easier time finding related services as they learn repo and project names.

Download Bitbucket Server 5.13

Finding the right pull request or the repository-whose-name-we-can’t-remember puts time back in your day, whether that’s finishing an overdue code review or reading Hacker News. For teams and organizations excited for Git v2, we’re so pleased to be the first on-premise Git platform to support it for our customers.

Interested in more details from the Bitbucket Server 5.13 release? Read more in our release notes.

Unearth new repositories and Git v2 improvements in Bitbucket Server 5.13