Software development has become increasingly complex. Developers are asked to do everything from addressing incidents and configuring cloud services to navigating a sprawl of microservices and components to complying with niche regulations and beyond. This is further compounded by increasing cross-functional collaboration across distributed teams.

Atlassian is committed to helping developers better manage this complexity by bringing disconnected information and teams together in one place. By reducing the toil of information gathering and coordination, we help developers get back to what they love – problem-solving, writing code, and learning.

Why developer experience is more important than productivity

Today, we’re announcing new capabilities to simplify workflows across Jira, Bitbucket, and Compass to improve developer experience:

  1. Compass components in Jira Software empower developers to get a complete picture of the health and performance metrics for their services, without switching across tools.
  2. Jira Work Suggestions, a new capability in Jira Software that surfaces the bottlenecks that developers need to address across tools to keep the momentum and focus as they transition to the next task.
  3. Bitbucket custom merge checks enables organizations to build checks that are unique to their organization’s policies to ensure that all merged code meets specific criteria.

Reduce context switching with Compass components available in Jira Software

Understand the impact of your work – connect your Jira issues to your software services, APIs, libraries, and more in Compass

According to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey, more than a quarter of developers spend an hour or more each day searching for answers or solutions to problems. That not only means less time shipping great software but also breaking the flow state where developers do their best work.

To limit context switching across tools, we are making Compass components available directly in Jira Software. Jira users can link their issues to their services, APIs, libraries, and other components in the Compass catalog to find information faster.

With Compass components in Jira, customers can view critical component details, including health scorecard status, compliance with standards, information on ownership, documentation, and related CI/CD events for any standalone piece of software that requires an owner, like a service, library, application, data model, and more.

Compass component catalog is free for all Atlassian cloud users.

Learn more about Compass and discover how to use Compass components in Jira.

AI Productivity boosts to improve your developer experience

Focus on the right tasks with Jira Work Suggestions

See what items need attention to keep work flowing right in the board view

Developers have huge responsibilities and lots of concurrent activities – that’s why they turn to Jira Software to plan their work. However, there are always activities that weren’t planned, such as ad hoc pull request reviews, build fixes that need to be picked up to move the team forward, or critical security vulnerabilities to address. When such ad hoc work is managed in other tools, it can easily get forgotten.

Jira Work Suggestions empowers developers to automatically see these high-priority items in one place by identifying potential bottlenecks across developer tools and highlighting them in Jira Software. Developers can keep their momentum and focus as they transition to the next task, without constant context switching across tools.

Learn more about Jira Work Suggestions here.

Ensure compliance with Bitbucket custom merge checks

Bitbucket is on a mission to become the most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product in the market. We believe that extensibility is a key enabler for large, complex organizations to operate effectively in the cloud, and we are excited to be leveraging Atlassian’s industry-leading extensibility platform, Forge, to bring this mission to life.

We’re introducing custom merge checks for Bitbucket. While our standard merge checks are a static list, with custom checks, organizations can build rules that are unique to their organization’s merge policies.

For example, users can setup checks that ensure all code merged to production meets specific criteria such as:

  • Require specific types of security scans to be run
  • Require that code can’t be merged after hours when there are no on-call staff available
  • Require a minimum level of test coverage
  • …or anything else that can be coded as a check

These checks will be required to pass prior to a pull request being merged to ensure that all code that’s merged has met your company’s compliance requirements.

Learn more about custom merge checks in Bitbucket and check out our roadmap for what’s coming next.

Powering better developer experience across Jira, Compass, and Bitbucket

Together, these improvements across Jira, Compass, and Bitbucket help development teams streamline information and bring teams together, to improve experience and focus on the work that matters most.

For more information on how Atlassian approaches building better Developer Experience, check out this blog: Why developer experience is more important than productivity – Work Life by Atlassian

Empower engineers with the new DevEx enhancements in Jira, Compass, and Bitbucket