In case you missed Summit, our annual user conference, last month I spoke about using Atlassian University to get teams up to speed on Atlassian products, and at the same time deflecting (stupid) questions off admins. If you have 10 minutes, watch the video below.

University, our training program with videos and step-by-step interactive tutorials, can quickly train teams on Atlassian tools.  We’ve found that some companies get much more benefit out of University than others.

“A majority of the companies that buy University either don’t use it, or don’t use it correctly. And this kind of pains me because somewhere, somebody decided it would be a good idea to purchase University, but teams never end up reaping the rewards. And on the other hand, we have some companies that have had every employee take every lesson”

Jesse Katz, Atlassian University Program Manager

Do you already own University and want to get even more out of it?  Or do you need to train your team on Jira, Confluence or GreenHopper? Here are a few tips for getting the most out of University:

  1. Make it mandatory – Set a deadline, and use the Reporting Screen to view which team members have completed the lessons.  Some companies have told me they give rewards with a gift card or other prizes.
  2. Block out time – Jira takes about an hour, Confluence takes 90 minutes and GreenHopper takes about 45 minutes.  Order lunch and be there for your team if anyone has questions.
  3. Don’t answer questions for non-graduates – Some (smart) admins bookmark our reporting section.  They can easily see which users have and haven’t completed the lesson.  Instead of taking the time to answer the easy questions, admins simply refer them back to University.
  4. New-hire checklist – Atlassian University is the perfect way to bring new hires up to speed.

Stay tuned, our next post will be on tracking and managing your team’s progress with our brand new admin console.


10 minute lightning talk at Summit – Jesse Katz – June 1st 2012

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