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New Story Lessons

The stories have not only been updated for Confluence 4.0 and Jira 4.4, but they’ve also received a face-lift! We’ve made the stories more consistent, easy to follow and down right fool-proof.

Each step in our story lessons has an action prompt (denoted by a pointing hand) indicating what action you need to take before advancing through the story.


‘Type for me’ buttons have been added where possible which allows us to type in the requested information on the step for you.


Multiple Version Support

Now that our system is capable of hosting multiple versions of University courses, we will be supporting two versions on a rolling basis of each of our product versions (the current one plus the previous .0 major release).

Performance Improvement & Bug Bashing

Performance have been improved so you should see a faster and even more responsive site.  We’ve also tackled a large number of pesky bugs.

Try for FREE!

If you haven’t signed up for Atlassian University yet, you can try it out for free.  The free trial version has a sampling of a few story lessons to give you an idea how our interactive training works.

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