Teams everywhere use Atlassian Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core to track software development projects, IT support, operations, marketing, accounting, and everything in between. For many companies, Jira is a treasure trove of data on the status of their projects and the health of their business. So it’s critical to be able to analyze and report on your Jira data with world-class tools. That’s why we’re proud to announce we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to provide a Jira content pack for Microsoft’s Power BI interactive data visualization suite.


The Jira content pack for Power BI makes it easy to fetch data from any Jira product, whether you’re using Atlassian Cloud or your own server. Once you’ve added the content pack, you’ll be up and running with a rich dashboard of information like issue breakdowns for assignees and components, issues resolved over time, and the top issues facing your team.


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The real power of combining Power BI and Jira is the ability to create modern, simple data visualizations with unlimited flexibility. You can use the Jira integration to get new insights into development velocity or support ticket volumes, or create new dashboards for the stakeholders in your organization. And Power BI’s simple natural language search will even answer questions about your Jira data, like the number of issues open in your project, who has resolved the most issues, or how many bugs were in your last release.


Atlassian and Microsoft are working together to unleash the potential of all your team’s tools. We’re helping your dev team quickly deploy your apps from Atlassian Bitbucket to Microsoft Azure, connect operations and engineering by linking Azure App Insights to Jira Software, or get new insights on your Jira data in Power BI. Collaboration powers the modern enterprise, so together we’re connecting our tools to make you more productive.

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Get data visualization superpowers with the Jira content pack for Microsoft Power BI