Ask The Experts: Everything You Need to Know About Data Center

Are you wondering if Data Center is right for you? Ask your questions in Atlassian Community and join us to hear the answers live.

For organizations looking to scale without compromising control, Atlassian Data Center may be the perfect fit. Admins of self-managed environments must drive efficiency and meet complex organizational demands which can be difficult as the IT landscape continues to change and teams grow.

As you continue on your Atlassian journey, we know you have questions about Data Center that you want to ask the experts as well as your peers. You’ve left your comments on Atlassian Community and we are excited to discuss them live. Join Data Center experts from Customer Success and the Data Center Deployments team as they answer your questions during this open forum.

This is a must-attend session for admins seeking to innovate faster and support enterprise growth at scale.


Ben Partidge headshot

Ben Partidge

Software Engineer

Ben is an engineer in the Data Center deployments team at Atlassian. Ben has developed tools and applications for deploying and managing Atlassian Data Center products for nearly two years, including the AWS Quick Starts, Atlassian Docker images, and the Atlassian Data Center Migration App. Ben has experience with a variety of cloud technologies and constantly works with his team to improve the experience for Atlassian Data Center admins deployed on public cloud platforms.

Anderson Garcia headshot

Anderson Garcia

Customer Success Manager, Data Center

Anderson is a Customer Success Manager at Atlassian focused on supporting first-year Data Center customers. His exposure to the diversified customer segments adopting Data Center has allowed him to partner across many of our customer's industries and the varied technology they're using to deploy and host Atlassian Data Center applications. Having been an Atlassian customer, end-user, admin, and now employee for the better part of a decade, he enjoys facilitating teamwork with the Atlassian toolset as it continues to evolve at scale.

Rob Saunders headshot

Rob Saunders

Product Manager, Enterprise Platform

Rob 是一位专业的产品经理,在企业级软件方面拥有多年的经验。在成为产品经理之前,Rob 曾在云服务支持团队 (SET) 工作了 4 年,跨职能部门工作以构建面向未来的 Atlassian Cloud。凭借对企业平台的深刻理解,Rob 提供卓越的客户体验,并确保管理员从其 Atlassian Data Center 应用中获得最大价值。