The Atlassian Guide to Evaluating Vendor Risk Management

Evaluating Vendor Risk Management

A quick guide to a streamlined security evaluation process

Executive Summary

As organizations grow, the number of cloud apps they adopt follow a similar trend. The impact? Businesses must adapt to new ways of thinking about data security and risk mitigation. Having a scalable, streamlined process for bringing new cloud vendors into your organization is key to making the transition to the cloud a successful one.

First, you'll want to establish your criteria for risk levels. Basically, what makes something high risk or low risk? From there you can put in place well-defined protocols based on those risk levels. Download the guide to get detailed information on how to get started.

In this guide, you'll learn:
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How to establish security risk criteria and a scoring system

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The common themes to consider when evaluating a vendor

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Important questions to ask during your evaluation process