Herding Wild Ducks: Deploying and Scaling Jira@IBM

Learn first hand how IBM is helping teams do more with less administrative work by building a scalable and centrally governed Jira Data Center offering. In addition to consolidating 170+ Jira instances to increase control and efficiency, IBM successfully navigated the challenges of deploying in their own proprietary environment.

Based on IBM's history and the importance of leveraging their "wild ducks," the creative and innovative thinkers, they were able to swarm their problems and drive the successful implementation of Jira Data Center.

Join Taylor Frank, Manager and Kevin Martin, Jira Infrastructure & Operations Architect, at IBM to learn:

  • How to build, scale and deploy a centrally governed Jira
  • How to help teams do more with less administrative work
  • How to deploy Jira in a proprietary environment
  • How to use teams to swarm complex missions
  • Tips, best practices and more


Taylor Frank

Manager, IBM

A bit of a “wild duck” herself, Taylor came to IBM in 1999 and is a Product Owner for Strategic Track & Plan tools working with a global matrixed team across 23 business units. When not torturing metaphors, Taylor enjoys exploring horizon lines 2, 3 and beyond and exploring new frontiers of capability with her Core Users and Key Stakeholders.

Kevin Martin

Jira Infrastructure & Operations Architect, IBM

Kevin Martin is part of a team of elite individuals within IBM CIO who deploy new apps to enhance productivity for IBM globally. Kevin helped lead the deployment of IBM’s single largest instance of Jira as the Operational Architect for Jira@IBM. Armed with over a decade of technical knowledge, fearless ambition, and a passion for enhancing experiences with great technology, Kevin utilized IBM’s Cloud solutions to deploy a robust, scalable, and secure Jira Data Center within record time.