How to clean up your Atlassian suite (without losing your damn mind)

Learn how to cleanup your Atlassian Data Center instances and optimize your user experience.

Sometimes when you inherit an instance it can be, well, messy. This can cause a lot of work for admins and a less than optimal experience for end-users. That's why admins are often tasked with cleaning up an instance and optimizing it for the needs of their organization.

Learn how AppDynamics cleaned their messy instances and how they keep them gleaming like new. Plus, get some new ideas for how to improve your Atlassian suite for end-users and admins alike.


Alex Christensen

Lead Atlassian Suite Engineer at AppDynamics

Alex Christensen is a native Texan currently living in Austin, TX, but the only thing really that Texan about him is that he says "howdy y'all" a little too much. He's been working with Atlassian tools since 2013 and has become so process-oriented that he once tried to estimate his life in story points.