How Atlassian uses Advanced Roadmaps

Interested in learning how Atlassian does cross-team planning? Hear from an Atlassian Program Manager and Engineering Team Lead on how they use Advanced Roadmaps to manage larger projects across multiple teams.

Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Premium helps organizations unlock big picture planning in Jira Software. Join us to get inspired by how we use Advanced Roadmaps at Atlassian. One of our Program Managers will share how he uses Advanced Roadmaps to manage several streams of work for a large program. We’ll also have one of our Engineering Team Leads share how he uses Advanced Roadmaps to coordinate within his team and across other engineering teams. We’ll close the webinar with a demo of Advanced Roadmaps from our Product Manager and live Q&A.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn tips for managing a program of work across multiple teams in Advanced Roadmaps.
  • See how Advanced Roadmaps can be helpful for team leads to coordinate work within their teams and across other teams.
  • Get a demo of Advanced Roadmaps to see how the product can help your organization deliver larger projects more predictably.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions to our entire team.



Josh Frank headshot

Josh Frank

Principal Product Marketer

Josh is a Principal Product Marketer on the Jira Software Cloud team. He's passionate about helping teams reach their full potential and build better products. When not telling the world about new Jira features, you can find him cycling through the Bay Area hills.

Peter Morris headshot

Peter Morris

Product Management Team Lead

Pete는 Atlassian에서 약 4년 동안 다양한 역할을 맡았지만, 언제나 Jira 제품을 담당했습니다. Jira Software Cloud Premium의 Advanced Roadmaps 배포를 담당한 팀원 중 하나로, 이제 Atlassian의 모든 계획 환경의 관리를 지원하고 있습니다. 시드니에서 나고 자란 그는 활동적이고 야외 활동을 좋아한다고 말하고 다니지만 사실은 소파를 사랑하며 앉아 있기를 즐깁니다.

Ron Romain headshot

Ron Romain

Sr. Program Manager

Ron은 Atlassian에서 프로그램 매니저로 6년 이상 근무하며 제품, 플랫폼, 회사 전략, 운영 계획 등을 담당했습니다. 팀의 제공, 확장, 효과적인 협업 등을 지원하지 않을 때는 대개 바닷속에서 수중 30m 아래 있는 열대 암초를 탐험합니다.

Dave Dreyer headshot

Dave Dreyer

Engineering Manager

Dave Draper has been on the Atlassian engineering team for 3 years, most recently as an Engineering Team Lead. Since moving to Australia from the UK to join Atlassian he has taken advantage of the opportunity to learn to surf and can reliably be found at a beach somewhere most weekends.