The Rise of Agile Marketing: How to move from theory to practice

What's holding back your agility? Join us to learn how agile is helping build scalable, flexible, and resilient marketing organizations. We'll explore the rise of agile marketing and examine one company's journey putting agile into practice with Atlassian tools.

The ability to pivot quickly in an ever-evolving market is more crucial than ever for companies today. Marketing teams need to be autonomous yet connected and work at a pace that keeps them ahead of customer demands. To do this, marketing is taking a page from the software playbook and adopting agile.

Join us to learn how marketers are taking agile values and principles from theory to practice to build more scalable, flexible, and resilient marketing organizations with Atlassian tools - and how you can do the same.

This webinar will cover two key areas. First industry expert Andrea Fryrear from AgileSherpas will give an overview of the state of agile marketing. Then, we will see what an agile marketing transformation looks like in real life with M&T Bank Corporation and learn how agile and Jira have helped their teams work better and smarter together.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the state of agile marketing & roadblocks to marketing agility
  • Learn how to apply agile ways of working to marketing right away.
  • Learn about M&T Bank's agile marketing transformation journey and learn their approach to scaling agile.
  • Learn how to improve collaboration, increase transparency, and drive continuous improvement with agile and Jira.


Andrea Fryrear Headshot

Andrea Fryrear

Andrea Fryrear는 애자일 마케팅 분야에서 세계 최고의 권위자입니다. AgileSherpas의 공동 창업자인 그녀는 엔터프라이즈 애자일 마케팅 혁신을 위한 교육, 코칭 및 컨설팅 활동을 감독합니다. 마케팅 분야에서 10년 넘는 경력을 보유하고 있으며 다양한 브랜드 및 기관의 콘텐츠 전략가, 콘텐츠 마케팅 담당자, 프로젝트 관리자 및 편집 사원 등으로 활동했습니다. 그러나 애자일 작업 방식을 발견한 후에 이 분야로 전향하여 정진하고 있습니다. Andrea는 ICAgile 마케팅 애자일 커리큘럼뿐 아니라 마케팅 애자일에 관한 두 권의 책, Mastering Marketing AgilityDeath of a Marketer의 공동 저자입니다. 다수의 애자일 인증서를 보유하고 있습니다.

Kelly Drozd headshot

Kelly Drozd

Product Marketing Manager, Atlassian

Kelly is a Product Marketer on the Jira team. She is passionate about continuous improvement and helping teams work better together. Before Atlassian, Kelly led agile adoption and transformation efforts across Marketing teams, which included scaling Jira and Confluence across 10+ business units and hundreds of users. When she is not busy telling the world about the power of Atlassian tools for teams, you can find her practicing yoga or walking her dogs around the hills of San Francisco.

Zach Meixner Headshot

Zach Meixner

Administrative Vice President, Sr. Digital Program Manager, M&T Bank

Zach has 20 years of project and program management experience, having led numerous enterprise efforts in industries including technology, marketing, e-commerce, healthcare, financial services, construction, hospitality, communications, and manufacturing.

Zach is passionate about coaching and mentoring team members on project management and has worked with numerous companies implementing agile frameworks, project initiation processes, task tracking and reporting procedures, standardized project deliverable templates, project health checks, and lean principles. Zach is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Professional Scrum Master.