Tips and tricks on safeguarding your data in the cloud

Join an open discussion with an Atlassian customer and hear their personal experience when it comes to data and security on Atlassian cloud products.

Join an open discussion with Atlassian customer, Homegate AG, about their experience with data and security in the cloud.

As the largest real estate platform and one of the leading digital companies in Switzerland, Homegate AG is the go-to Swiss resource for home buying, selling, and renting.

Tune in to hear Peter Grube chat about:

  • What security means in his role and industry
  • Guiding principles his team follows to keep company data safe in the cloud
  • Advice on cloud migration and putting together a security strategy

We'll hold a live Q&A after the webinar, so come prepared with any questions you may have.

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Peter Grube

Software Engineer, Homegate AG

Peter Grube is a Software Engineer at Homegate AG, Switzerland’s largest real estate platform. He studied computer science in Germany and started his career in Switzerland as an Android software developer. Since then, he’s taken on larger projects, such as successfully migrating Homegate AG to the Atlassian cloud.

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Atlassian Platinum Partner

Beecom is Homegate’s migration partner and has been an Atlassian Platinum Partner since 2006.