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December, 2022

Jira Software vs. Asana

Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. See how it stacks up against Asana.

Jira Software is more than a project management tool

Jira Software fulfills the advanced needs of software teams and comes with the power and flexibility that agile teams need to ship value to customers faster.

Jira Software

Purpose-built for agile teams

Out-of-the-box scrum and kanban templates, comprehensive agile reports, and actionable metrics and reports give teams everything they need to build world-class software.

Scale your way of working

Only Jira Software has the breadth of functionality to support growing teams by providing structure and visibility without compromising flexibility and customization.

Customize your workspace

Jira is open by default and integrates with thousands of tools, apps, and add-ons spanning every use case and team type.

“Jira Software is instrumental in building and maintaining the best software on the market.”

Daniele Farned

CTO, Trulia


Trello is the flexible work management tool that empowers all teams to plan, track, and accomplish their work, their way.


Organize anything

From personal to-dos and big projects to launching a startup and building a business, Trello's boards, lists, and cards are suited to any task.

Modernize your meetings

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a team retrospective, a 1:1, a daily stand-up, or a large cross-functional team. Teams of any size and in any place can use Trello to manage all of the ways they meet together.

Simple on the surface

81% of customers chose Trello for its ease of use. Spin up a Trello board in seconds, and customize it with the apps and features you need.

“Trello is simple and intuitive and fits in perfectly with our agile way of working”

Andreas Slogar

CIO, Deutsche Bahn

Jira Software and Trello are better together

Working in different apps doesn't mean teams can't still work together

Seamless cross-functional collaboration

Keep business and software teams in the know about how work is progressing by integrating Jira Software issues with Trello.

Turn ad hoc into operational

Easily move from ideation to creation by pushing Trello cards into Jira Software when ideas are ready for development.

Track progress in real-time

Track the status of the Jira tickets in real-time from Trello - keeping stakeholders informed at all times.

See how Jira Software and Trello complement each other


Jira Software


Manage work for the teams that build, run,and support software

Visualize, track, and manage work with scrum and kanban boards, and use contextual insights to improve productivity at different stages of the software development lifecycle.

Jira Software


Plan smarter sprints

Run successful retrospectives and better meetings by creating clear agenda items with actionable follow-ups.

Jira Software


Brainstorm product and development ideas

Transparently share, discuss, and prioritize ideas with product managers and stakeholders in a visual and flexible way.

Jira Software


Integrate with Bitbucket or GitHub

Stay organized and get to coding quickly by creating branches directly from where you plan, track, and collaborate on work.

Jira Software


Easy to setup, easy to manage

Get up and running in a couple clicks with an easily customizable solution to meet the unique requirements of your team.

Jira Software


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