CASB integrations with Atlassian Access

CASB illustration

What is a CASB?

A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a third-party software that provides advanced cloud security functionality by integrating with cloud products used in an organization. The CASB software tracks and analyzes all information sent and received by each cloud product. With this data, CASB vendors provide greater visibility, remediation, threat protection, policy management, and data security.

Why use a CASB with Atlassian Access?

Through the integration between the CASB software McAfee MVISION Cloud and Atlassian Access, admins gain:

  • centralized visibility into content and user actions across cloud services, including Atlassian cloud products
  • greater ability to protect important Atlassian cloud data wherever it lives
  • increased protection from threats through suspicious activity monitoring

With Atlassian Access, McAfee MVISION Cloud captures a complete record of Atlassian organization-level activities and leverages machine learning to analyze activity to accurately detect threats.

Hogyan működik?

Centralize governance of your Atlassian cloud products with Atlassian Access then connect to the CASB software McAfee MVISION Cloud to get automatic security monitoring and behavioral analytics through your McAfee MVISION Cloud dashboard.

CASB integration screenshot