The Collaborative Path to Innovation: AI, People, and Process in the Connected Enterprise

Join this webinar to learn how Atlassian Innovations can help your team better collaborate.

Innovation can be in the form of new tools, software, strategies, or practices that aim to make collaboration easier and more efficient. For example, in a business context, innovation may involve implementing digital tools that enable seamless teamwork regardless of geographical location. The ultimate objective is to leverage innovation to foster and improve collaboration, resulting in increased productivity, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities.

During this webinar, Anna-Lena (Head of Innovation Process) and Wouter (GenAI product owner) at ABN Amro Bank will discuss how collaboration, innovation, and AI are strategically positioned within the company.

Additionally, Yassin (Senior Solutions Engineer at Atlassian) will introduce how AI and collaboration tools can foster innovation in the Connected Enterprise. This concept emphasizes seamless collaboration among teams while also promoting creativity and productivity.


Anna-Lena Lorenz

Head of Innovation Process, Abn Amro

Through a track-record of designing, implementing and leading strategic initiatives along innovation dimensions, she has built strong innovation expertise. Anna-Lena and her team empower Abn Amro to generate and execute bold ideas. In the last 3 years there, she is been building a winning team of Innovation -and Growth Consultants who deliver end-to-end expertise to initiatives, deliver portfolio advice, and continuously refine and scale their Abn Amro’s Innovation framework.

Wouter Gielen

Generative AI Product Owner, Abn Amro

Product Owner on various data science innovation projects in the last 3 years at Abn Amro, he has strong expertise on GenAI. Wouter is an entrepreneur at heart. He founded Zonnepanelen Zakelijk, 2 years ago; making solar energy simple for SME.

Yassin Bennaceur

Senior Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

Herr Bennaceur ist es eine Herzensangelegenheit, Teams zu befähigen, ihr volles Potenzial auszuschöpfen und die Zusammenarbeit durch innovative Lösungen zu verbessern. Er hat eine nachgewiesene Erfolgsbilanz darin, erfolgreiche Implementierungen voranzutreiben und den Erfolg von Kunden zu fördern.