We’re getting closer to our first European Summit in Barcelona and I’m so excited to share the program we’ve put together this year. During the 4 days of Atlassian Summit & AtlasCamp, you can choose between 90 presentations covering all kinds of topics – from tips and tricks on how to use and extend our products to how to build successful teams.

I’m especially proud of our customers like German Bundeswehr, Airbnb, Splunk, and many more who will share their experiences using Atlassian. Ticket sales are going strong, so don’t miss out on a chance to register before it’s too late. Here are my top 6 can’t miss sessions:

Summit Sessions

10 Atlassian Tool Hacks to Improve Team Culture

Sherif Mansour, Principal Product Manager, Atlassian

Why go?
Sherif is an Atlassian veteran that has seen the company grow from 100 to 1,800+ people. It’ll be interesting to hear his views on how we maintained and strengthened our team culture by using all the Atlassian tools. Expect a lot practical advice for anyone that works in a team and uses Atlassian tools. (Basically, every Summit attendee!)

Your team is already running along with Jira, Confluence, or Hipchat enabling you to deliver awesome projects. But can they help you with team culture? How can you use the tools your team already has in place to cultivate an innovative and open culture? This talk will cover different ways to use Jira and Confluence to hack your team culture. We will give you tips on how to use Atlassian to make large organizations feel like small teams, build and maintain an innovative culture, and inject some fun and humor into your team – making your workplace feel a bit more enjoyable! More talks like this

Scaling Agile with Jira Software and Portfolio for Jira


Why go?
Scaling Agile is one of the biggest challenges for growing organizations. ABN AMRO has self-driven teams and it’ll be interesting for a lot attendees to see how they managed to scale using Atlassian tools.

In 2015, ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, rolled out agile across their organization. Within a year and a half, ABN AMRO grew from over 100 to 7000 users, and they are now moving towards using Jira Software Data Center. This growth greatly increased their system complexity, that included 65 administrators that had created over 65 issue types, 250 statuses, and 400 workflows. In this session, ABN AMRO will share the process of introducing scaled agile to their organization, which includes identifying the impact on usability, gathering metrics, and improving system performance and maintenance. You can also learn about how Portfolio for Jira is an integral part of scaling agile across an organization and which best practices you can apply to your own journey. More talks like this

How Hipchat Ships and Recovers Fast with DevOps Practices

Mickie Betz, Software Developer, Atlassian

Why go?
Delivering software continuously has changed the development process a lot over the last few years. Fasten your seat belts and get a full ride from Mickie through the Hipchat development process – from roadmap plans to being prepared for handling disasters.

Hipchat operates a ‘You Build It, You Run It’ service model, where developers are responsible for building, testing, and operating their systems. While we have a high speed of development, things can break – but we also recover quickly. Learn about how we’ve integrated best practices within our planning, building, testing, deploying, and operating processes to optimize for speed and efficiency but also mitigate, prepare for, and handle incidents. Mickie will walk you through five steps for how to operate at a high speed of development and also prepare for any incident — planning, prevention, preparation, management, and collecting feedback— and instruct you on how you can build these processes into your Atlassian workflow (including Jira Software, Hipchat, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo, and Statuspage). More talks like this

AtlasCamp Sessions

Ten Battle-Tested Tips for Atlassian Connect Add-ons

Daniel Wester, Product Owner, Wittified

Why go?
Daniel has 26 add-ons in Atlassian’s Marketplace. He’s an authority on building and operating Atlassian Connect add-ons. In this AtlasCamp talk, Daniel shares hard-earned lessons developing and monitoring add-ons.

Join Daniel Wester to learn ten hard learned and powerful lessons Wittified has applied to improve the development process and operations of Atlassian Connect add-ons. He’ll cover everything from choosing a full stack deployment to selecting the right tools and practices for monitoring, performance, and continuous delivery. More talks like this

Designing Add-ons for Atlassian Products, the Do’s & Don’ts

Lucy Denton, Designer, Atlassian

Why go?
Are you a developer building an add-on? Do you have dedicated design resources? Most do not. Lucy provides essential tips you need to design and build successful add-ons.

Well-designed and integrated add-ons are not only easier to use, but it’s been proven that they also have higher adoption and retention rates. In this focused session from Lucy Denton, Atlassian’s Ecosystem UX Designer, we’ll discuss the the top three things you’ll need to design and build successful add-ons for Atlassian products. More talks like this

The Trello Power-Up Opportunity

Hamid Palo, Director of Product – Partnerships, Atlassian

Why go?
Learn about the newest product in the Atlassian portfolio, Trello. Hamid Palo shares the vision and the opportunity with Trello’s Power-Up platform.

Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications. Join Hamid Palo, Director of Product at Trello to learn about the vision for the Power-Up platform and how to build a business on this popular and flexible tool. He’ll give you the inside scoop on the most in-demand Power-Ups yet to be built, as well as a sneak peek at new and upcoming features. More talks like this

We’re constantly adding more sessions to the program so keep an eye on the Summit & AtlasCamp schedule! Register today and start planning your week in Barcelona.

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