We know how important it is that Jira and Confluence load quickly when you’re working or racing towards a deadline – we use our tools, too!

Delivering world-class performance for our cloud customers is a big priority for us, and we’re actively making investments to enhance our customers’ experience. While we’ve made good progress, we know there’s still room for improvement, and our teams are working hard to deliver the best experience possible.

At Atlassian, transparency and customer trust go hand-in-hand. Here, we’ll share some of the updates we’ve made so far for Jira and Confluence, and give you a glimpse of what’s to come through ongoing quarterly updates.

Major performance improvements to date

Our cloud tools are getting even better in 2021

Over the last few months, we’ve made key performance improvements to Jira and Confluence. The measurements we hold our teams accountable for fall into two categories: Initial Load and Subsequent Load. Initial Load is the time it takes for an application to load for the first time in a new browser tab. Subsequent load is the time it takes for experiences to load after that, like when you switch between the board and backlog, or open another Confluence page.

Our first big focus was building out a “Single Page Application” framework. Single Page Application, or SPA, allows for a more efficient subsequent load, as the browser only needs to process incremental changes for each user interaction. This means that, after you open Jira or Confluence for the first time in your browser, navigating and using the apps will be faster.

The second major improvement has been in reduced bundle sizes. A “bundle size” is the amount of data your browser needs to download every time you load a product in your browser. For example, we’ve recently reduced the data needed to load the Jira SPA by over 44 percent. With the combined improvements, including reduced bundle sizes and buildout of the SPA framework, we are already seeing faster load times across several areas:

ActionLoad time improvement (%) in the past 6 months
Opening a Jira Backlog25% faster
Opening a Jira Board30% faster
Loading a Confluence page (initially)30% faster
Creating a Jira issue38% faster
Loading the edit button on a Confluence page60% faster

With performance improvements continually rolling out, many of our customers are already noticing the changes.

Something you did recently dramatically improved backlog performance. This is a significant improvement and is definitely noticeable, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Atlassian customer

In the next few quarters, you can expect a lot more performance improvements for both Confluence and Jira cloud.

Looking down the road(map)

Our goal by July 2021 is to reach about 50 percent faster load times for Jira boards, backlogs, issues, and dashboards, as compared to load times in 2020. And for Confluence, our goal is to improve initial page loads, macros, loading behavior, and speed by 50 percent.

These are just a few improvements of the many we’ll be making, and the experience will only be getting better in the future – you can track our progress on the performance cloud roadmap and through our quarterly blog updates (like this one). In the meantime, our teams thank you for your continued support and encourage you to join the discussion in the Atlassian Community as we build world-class products together!

New year, better performance in cloud