The Tip of the Month, brought to you by Atlassian University, is a monthly series to help master Atlassian tools. Products are more fun to use when you know all the tricks.

Hey Everyone!  In the month of February we did a series on JQL at  It’s a quickstart guide to making the transition from simple searching to advanced searching in Jira.  JQL is the most efficient way to access issues at all levels in Jira.


One pointer for the Jira Admins… when making changes to custom fields, Jira shows a message to re-index data to include the new custom field changes.  Don’t ignore that message!  Failure to re-index Jira can lead to JQL searches that don’t have the latest data from your Jira instance.

Search early, search often.  Go JQL!

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Jira Query Language (JQL) recap