If you’re a Jira Software or Jira Core user with a site hosted in the Cloud, you probably already know about the Jira Cloud apps we’ve released for iPhone and Android. The last few months have seen rapid development, including the addition of boards and edit issue support. Plus, our chock-full backlog includes many of the things you’ve been asking for.

This article shows you how to make the most of our newest mobile features. And, if you haven’t already, we hope it encourages you to join the growing number of Jira mobile users.

Get the apps here: atlassian.app.link/jira

Fast shortcuts

How can you get things done faster on the go? Using shortcuts, you can now access key functions without even opening the app. On iPhone, use 3D touch (hard press) on the Jira app icon to access shortcuts to search and create.


And when you’re viewing the board or your tasks, use the same hard press to preview an issue and access quick actions.


On Android, we’re working on a similar function that will allow you to access shortcuts with a long-press on the app logo. This is coming soon for anyone using a smartphone with Android 7.1 or later.

So next time you’re in a meeting and want to add a task, or you remember something important when you’re walking to the train, get it done then and there in the Jira Cloud app.

Notification control

We know that notifications from Jira can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. One of the reasons is that you automatically become a watcher on any issue you report or comment on. For some people, once an issue is reported, the issue activity does not need to be tracked, only the outcome. With Jira mobile, we’ve made it easier to “unwatch” issues giving you more control over notifications. Next time you get a notification or email for an issue you no longer care about, simply tap to open the issue and then stop watching it. You’ll never hear about it again unless you want to or someone mentions you.


Similarly, if there’s an issue you need to know about, or you are waiting on a response (say, from an overseas team member), start watching the issue on web or mobile and you’ll get notified wherever you are at the time it happens. You can even fine-tune what you get notified about in the app’s settings menu and choose which issues you get push notifications for.

Move work forward

Kanban and Scrum boards are among the most popular features that we’ve recently brought to the apps, because they help managers and product owners stay up to date with how their team is progressing – from anywhere. When you’re working on a task, you can easily progress it by opening it and tapping the “transition” button. When you return to the board, you’ll see it gets updated straightaway. We’re also adding the ability to drag and drop cards on the board, but we’re still getting that right.


Emails open straight in the app

Most of us travel with our office in our pocket, even if it’s just email. So being able to open up Jira links from email notifications in the Jira app vastly improves the experience of “work away from work.” And if you have the new Confluence Cloud app (get it now for Android or iPhone at atlassian.app.link/confluence), you can quickly open Jira links in the app, and vice versa. For example, you can open a linked Confluence feature spec in the Confluence app, from the Jira app.


Find it your way, every time

Search is a frequently-used function and we’ve made it easily accessible from every part of the app. For iPhone users, you can even use the in-built “Spotlight” search to find your issues. But did you know that you can also use Jira’s query language (JQL) to find the issues you want? If you’re a JQL master, you’ll have no problems typing in what you need (find out more about JQL). For others, a simple copy and paste of your most-used query can help you find anything you’re looking for. Stay tuned because we’re also working on bringing your favorite and saved filters from the web into the app.


We know that all teams use Jira a little differently, which is why we need your feedback to keep improving. Email us your requests and feedback at jira-mobile@atlassian.com or just shake your phone while Jira is open, and message us that way.

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