Wondering how much value your service management platform is actually driving?

From unused features to lengthy deployment timelines, we know enterprises are struggling to recoup their investment from traditional service management tools. Atlassian stands opposite the old guard of ITSM offerings. Instead, we look to deliver value fast by making it easy to stand up new service experiences and accelerate workflows across all teams – while still delivering a robust and feature-rich platform capable of supporting growing enterprises.

To measure the true impact, we commissioned a new study from Forrester Consulting: The Total Economic ImpactTM of Jira Service Management from Atlassian. This study provides baseline savings and benefits data for a composite or average organization of 10,000 employees based on real customer interviews and data from existing Jira Service Management customers.

The top-line results speak for themselves:

  • a 277% ROI and $4.19 million in total benefits over a three-year period
  • $2 million in cost savings by retiring their previous ITSM solution
  • an average deployment time of four months, with average payback (when benefits surpass costs) in under six months
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Download the full study of The Total Economic Impact™ of Atlassian Jira Service Management here.

Read on to learn more about the key findings.

Supercharging service desk productivity

Whether it’s reporting an outage, troubleshooting a broken machine, or requesting support for a new project, work often starts at the service desk.

Over three years, Jira Service Management provided $1.4m in service desk productivity benefits for the composite organization in this study. A few factors contributed to these savings:

  • increased ticket deflection rates thanks to an embedded knowledge base powered by Confluence
  • reduced triage time and a more direct path to escalation
  • lower time-to-resolution due to reduced context switching and better visibility

Organizations that created and maintained strong knowledge bases were able to deflect a greater number of tickets, with deflection rates increasing over time. In addition, customized request forms created from our low-code/no-code form builder helped agents design an intake process that reduced the back-and-forth necessary to fulfill requests. For one customer, a global energy provider with 171,000 employees, switching to Jira Service Management increased the rate at which they met their internal SLAs from 70% to 98%.

These savings weren’t just limited to IT help desks. The ability to quickly stand up additional service desks across business teams like HR, facilities, legal, and beyond meant that other departments could start to reap the benefits of a streamlined request management process. Every single customer interviewed for this TEI was using Jira Service Management for workflows outside IT.

This has benefits for the end users, too. In fact, this study found that end-user productivity increased by an additional $408,000 over that same three-year period due to centralized request processes and usability. For an engineering manager supporting a major international retailer, the feedback was immediate: “I remember a lot of comments about how the look and feel were so much cleaner than what we were used to with the prior system. It’s a win for end users when they see a more simplistic, easy-to-look-at solution.”

Streamlining IT Operations

From improved change management processes to better visibility, customers who switched to Jira Service Management saved time and reduced friction between Development and IT Operations.

On average, IT Ops recovered 115 hours per month and approved change requests 25% faster. Thanks to features like automated change requests and the risk assessment engine, developers can focus on what they do best – making great products and services – while IT Ops has the context they need to manage risk without delaying releases. And through integrations with Jira Software and common CI/CD tools like Bitbucket, Jenkins, or Github, teams have better visibility and context without having to bounce between different products.

These benefits extended to asset and configuration management practices, too. One customer interviewed for the study, a senior IT application engineer at a healthcare organization, outlined how this single platform approach helps increase visibility and efficiency: “We track all the applications in our CMDB and asset management tool in Jira Service Management, and connect it to users and their devices. We see the IT landscape of the company so much better.”

Saving big by cutting licensing and maintenance costs

Productivity gains are great. But far and away, the biggest savings for customers in this TEI was the retirement of their previous ITSM solution.

In this study, the composite customer saved $2 million over the course of three years. This included savings from reduced license costs, professional services, and ongoing maintenance – like not having to conduct a huge upgrade every six months to get the newest platform features. According to the study, “Customers who came from large, sophisticated solutions felt their prior solutions were too large and sprawling, and that they were overpaying for functionality they did not use.”

Faster deployments made a difference, too. The average deployment for customers interviewed in this study was between four and six months, significantly shorter than what we hear from enterprise customers using other solutions. For that retail engineering manager mentioned above, the impact was immediate: “Within the first week of working with our implementation partner, we already had projects and workflows like that built…It was so easy to implement. Within that first week, we already had a project stood up and going.”

See how much you could save

Every organization and its service management practices are different. Learn more about potential savings for your teams with our ROI calculator. Using information specific to your organization – from the number of employees to requests to current tooling – this calculator produces a custom report to demonstrate how Jira Service Management can save time and money moving forward.

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