Recently, Atlassian held High Velocity: ITSM, an event covering ways to reimagine service management to include teams beyond IT. Atlassian customers joined in to discuss their journeys to digital transformation by way of Jira Service Management.

During High Velocity’s keynote address, Atlassian Co-Founder Scott Farquhar sat down for a chat with Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) Group Chief Technology Officer Matthias Hansen and the NRMA’s General Manager of Technology Engineering Andy McCarthy to discuss their ITSM journey.

Let’s walk through key findings from these customer journeys to Jira Service Management, the benefits they’ve found from their new approach to service management, and their advice for other teams kicking of a digital transformation.

NRMA’s journey to Jira Service Management

Fast facts:
  • 100-year-old Australian member-owned roadside assistance network
  • 2.8 million members, 2000 employees, and handles 1.4 million calls per year
  • Leader in sustainability

Though the NRMA had been using Jira Software and Confluence as the backbone of their software delivery, they had still been using ServiceNow as an ITSM platform. According to Andy McCarthy, the lack of integrability created challenges across the organization, “it never hooked into what we needed it to hook into” and ended up becoming “a bubble by itself.” Since data silos and obstacles to collaboration can permeate into a slowed service delivery, the NRMA which is an emergency roadside service, needed to make a change.

We had good knowledge of what [ServiceNow] could do, but we didn’t know how it worked. It was very much ‘we can see it but we can’t touch it, and if we had to touch it, we had to get someone in to touch it for us.’ So the run costs were quite substantial, and we had no in-house skill to run it.”

– Andy McCarthy, General Manager of Technology Engineering, the NRMA

Given their familiarity with Atlassian products, Andy and his team chose Jira Service Management for their ITSM solution. Jira Service Management was uniquely suited to plug into their existing work streams while being easy to scale without third-party support.

Domino’s journey to Jira Service Management

Fast facts:
  • Largest pizza company in the world – 3800 stores across 12 markets with 100,000 employees
  • Last fiscal year Domino’s cooked 8 pizzas per second or 256 million pizzas
  • Visual AI to ensure right toppings

The sun never sets on Domino’s – with locations across the globe, Domino’s has to deliver consistent service every second of every day. This takes a lot of moving pieces such as live GPS tracking of delivery drivers or visual AI to ensure orders are made correctly.

Unfortunately, before finding their way to Jira Service Management, Domino’s had to juggle 6 different ITSM tools globally. Matthias Hansen’s team was already using Jira Software, and decided to unify their dev and ops teams on one connected platform with Jira Service Management.

The Jira Software and Jira Service Management integration has been instrumental to really have this end-to-end view on the technology side”

– Matthias Hansen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd

How the NRMA benefits from Jira Service Management

With Jira Service Management in place, it is much easier to communicate and collaborate across departments. Andy’s team was also pleased to find unanimously warm feedback from his teams due to its user-friendly interface which empowered employees to get more from their tools and take control. Teams now had the power to build and develop workflows themselves without having to learn any specialized skills or leverage an expensive vendor.

Andy also found that his business teams were happy with the standardized nature of the platform for its increased level of dialogue and resolution speed. The savings also ended up being a big win as the NRMA was able to reduce its ITSM run costs by 50%. 

We can actually play with it ourselves and build our own workflows without having to bring in the third parties that then would talk to [ServiceNow] and charge us a big bill. So being able to scale up in-house internally and build those workflows was very important to us”

– Andy McCarthy, General Manager of Technology Engineering, the NRMA

How Domino’s benefits from Jira Service Management

After transitioning to Jira Service Management, Domino’s was able to use one service desk for all 12 markets and 3,800 stores across the globe. Matthias also notes that having the same platform for both the engineering and business teams drives efficiency and end-to-end visibility. Back when there were different ITSM tools across regions, there would be gaps between IT information gathering and engineering team work.

Domino’s has since found Jira Service Management easy to use and extend. As they continue to standardize processes it allows them to automate the backend of these processes easily, further improving speed, quality, and removing repetitive manual work.

Matthias is also excited about new features such as Atlassian Intelligence and has already seen improvements to productivity. Matthias already sees its use for report summaries, sharing that his knowledge manager had already been saving roughly 2.3 hours in the first week that they enabled the feature. Domino’s support teams have also seen results using the Virtual Agent feature, allowing them to elevate service when issues arise and avoid tickets in the first place.

I can just click Summary and I got this five page long PIR report and I’ve got five sentences summarizing it for me”

– Matthias Hansen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd

Streamlining digital transformation: Advice for customers embarking on digital transformation 

Towards the end of the fireside chat, Scott asked both customers if they had any advice for enterprises looking to embark on their digital transformation process. Here’s what they had to say:


I would recommend [Jira Service Management] if you’re looking for something to bring things together internally and halve your costs, that’s what we did” 

– Andy McCarthy, General Manager of Technology Engineering, the NRMA


My advice would be to standardize on one platform, one thing I’ve noticed since the pandemic is that there are lots of good SaaS platforms but the challenge is you end up with the legal team using one set of tools, another team in another country using another tool, and [previously] I never had the critical mass to actually support the business properly.”

– Matthias Hansen, Group Chief Technology Officer, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd

Looking forward

To get more details from Scott’s chat with Atlassian customers the NRMA and Domino’s, make sure to check out the keynote from High Velocity: ITSM, End Bad Service Management (BSM) Now. This keynote session not only has deeper Jira Service Management findings but also interesting facts about these very nuanced customers – from their very specific uses of AI to fun pranks using Jira.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to unlock high-velocity service teams, take a free test drive of Jira Service Management. See how you can use the power of ITSM beyond IT to empower support and business teams alike. Jira Service Management is always adding new applications and features to help you scale with ease.

Reimagining service management with Atlassian customers the NRMA and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd