“Before JSM, we had no way to track or measure. I had no visibility into what was broken or what was working.” Carter Busse, CIO, Workato

When Carter Busse, Workato CIO and head of Business Technology, joined the organization in 2021, service management was defined by spreadsheets and disjointed ticketing systems – making it nearly impossible to gain insight into the team’s work. The lack of a central authority on critical information such as company assets, employee information, CSAT scores, and even schedules of who provided service in each time zone created a demand for a solution to optimize Workato’s service management processes.

Shyam Bhojwani, Director of Business Technology at Workato, joined Busse in searching for the right solution to help reduce the burden of some of their team’s most debilitating symptoms like system context switching and security threats to dispersed employee data.

Finding the perfect solution was urgent for Workato. Operating with over 1000 employees globally, efficient service management would allow employees to spend less time digging for information and more time working on other aspects of their work. Essential requirements for implementing a new tool included easy onboarding, a simple and intuitive interface, and a platform that allowed for customization and automation. With previous exposure to other Atlassian products such as Jira Software, Busse, and Bhojwani landed on Jira Service Management, and within just a couple of months, they saw quantifiable results. Ticket resolution time for the Business Technology team was cut by 20%, and teams across the organization were looking to adopt JSM for their service management. So what was the key to success? In conversation with Shaun Pinney, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian, Carter, and Shaym discuss their approach to implementing Jira Service Management at Workato.

Phased Rollout Across Teams Focusing on Enablement

“One of the biggest parts of IT is communication.” Carter Busse, CIO, Workato

Rolling out new technology can seem like a daunting task. How do you ensure that employees understand the context behind new software implementation? How do you empower people to feel confident in using these new tools? At Workato, both of those concerns were top of mind. The rollout of Jira Service Management was phased to ensure that employees across the organization understood how JSM would improve their service experience. From roadshows across teams to announcements on Slack and via email, the Business Technology team ensured they used multiple communication channels to get everyone on board.

Beyond awareness of new processes, enablement is critical for getting the most out of new technology. Through training sessions and office hours, Workato was able to onboard its staff quickly.

Using Atlassian Assist to Create a Seamless Experience

“We have improved the employee experience with the Atlassian Assist Bot.” Carter Busse, CIO, Workato

Atlassian Assist allows for a conversational ticketing experience by connecting Jira Service Management to Slack. Employees don’t have to leave their Slack channel to gain assistance with their service request, and everything is automatically imported to Jira Service Management for the service-providing team to access all the information needed to complete the request quickly. For Workato, this capability changed the way the Business Technology team was able to handle requests. Instead of context-switching across spreadsheets and chats with the respective requester, all the information needed was compiled into one platform, expediting the service process.

Transforming Asset Management with Automation

“With asset management, we have increased the speed and accuracy that we can service our customers.” Carter Busse, CIO, Workato

Company assets are essential for business operations. Without proper asset management, this can pose a critical security risk. For Workato, there was no designated source of truth for understanding which company assets were assigned to which employee, where they stood within the organization, and how they were used. This is something that plagues large growing organizations, as spreadsheets and other information tracking methods become time-consuming and cumbersome. Jira Service Management allows for a scalable solution for asset tracking.

An efficient asset management solution improved the employee experience with faster resolution time and better SLAs.

Workato’s implementation not only led to success for the Business Technology team but spread better service management across the company. HR, Finance, and Legal teams at Workato are now exploring options for implementing JSM into their workstreams. Jira Service Management can help teams across your organization provide exceptional customer experiences.

To learn more about how Workato uses Jira Service Management, watch the takeaway video below or view the entire webinar.

3 Ways Workato Reduced Ticket Resolution Time by 20%