At Atlassian, we’re on a mission to make it easier and faster for IT teams to get work done. That’s why we’re excited to release two new features in Jira Service Desk to help you do just that.

A new look to modernize the user experience

We’re excited to introduce a fresh, new look for Jira Service Desk Server and Data Center. Our new look is based on the Atlassian design language and includes updated colors, typography and icons. You’ll also notice that our avatar shapes and buttons have gotten a facelift, too. We know that big changes can be hard to roll out in large organizations, so we haven’t made any changes to navigation – all your favorite features will be right where you expect them.

Project archiving for performance at scale

Last month, our friends over on the Jira Software Data Center team announced the release of project archiving. Until now, cleaning up Jira has been a complex process that required repurposing permission schemes, creating backup instances of Jira, and other creative solutions from an experienced Jira administrator. Teams rely on Jira Software every day to get their jobs done, so maintaining Jira’s performance and readability is essential. As the scope of Jira grows in your organization, having a plan for how to remove outdated information becomes more and more important.

Now project archiving is also available for Jira Service Desk Data Center customers, so you can free up more space and unlock resources for data that’s still relevant, making Jira more performant and readable.

The Jira Software Data Center team found that Jira’s performance improves linearly with the amount of information that is archived – the more you remove, the greater the improvement in performance*. We know that our largest Jira Service Desk customers are usually large Jira Software customers too. Inactive projects, whether they’re used for software or service, clutter up the interface and use precious resources that would be better directed to work that’s still current. We’ve introduced project archiving to help keep the Jira platform performant for all users.

*Please keep in mind, as always, that self-hosted versions of Jira have many factors that impact application performance, including network and hardware configurations. Your performance results from project archiving may vary.

Ready to upgrade to Jira Service Desk Server and Data Center 3.14? Read more about what’s new in the release notes before upgrading.

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Introducing project archiving in Jira Service Desk, and a new look