Today, we’re announcing updated contractual terms for all Atlassian customers, which will be effective on any new orders or renewals. Our redesigned contracts reflect our core value of ‘building with heart and balance’, offering simpler, more balanced terms to provide our customers with a better contracting experience.

Less time in contract review, more time on what matters to you

We know that the time your teams invest in reviewing contracts is time taken away from strategic priorities. To streamline the contract review process, we are introducing the new Atlassian Customer Agreement, one contract to govern your usage of all Atlassian products, both Cloud and Data Center, replacing the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service and Atlassian Software License Agreement. At the same time, we are updating our Data Processing Addendum. It maintains the same high level of protection and transparency, and now automatically applies across all our services, removing the need for downloading and signing a new agreement with each improvement.

The Atlassian Customer Agreement introduces a number of favorable new terms. Based on feedback from you, our customers, we’ve crafted an agreement that includes more protection for data-related incidents and removes the kinds of “belt and suspenders” protection against risk found in many other software vendor contracts. We also recognize the importance of providing more transparency regarding how we secure your data. So, we’ve improved our Security Measures to outline our commitments to best-in-class security, based on NIST standards to align more closely with industry-standard terminology.

We’ve also partnered with TermScout, an independent third party that rates contracting practices in the technology industry, to evaluate our new contract. They rate the Atlassian Customer Agreement more favorable than 95% of vendor forms.

While we’re thrilled with what we’re announcing today, we are committed to further improvement and innovation. We continue to regularly review our contracting terms and practices, to ensure they align with our core values and meet the needs of our customers.

We’ll also be extending these new benefits to our Loom customers that have recently joined the Atlassian family! To ensure our Loom customers benefit from the Atlassian Customer Agreement, it will be effective for Loom customers on their new order, renewal or May 1, 2024, whichever comes first.

For more details on the Atlassian Customer Agreement, the recently updated Data Processing Addendum, and other related terms, please visit our website. You will find a section for frequently asked questions and instructions on how to subscribe to future updates.

Presenting our new Atlassian Customer Agreement