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As IT and DevOps teams rely more heavily on third-party services, the likelihood of an external incident affecting your customers increases. The 2017 Amazon S3 outage comes to mind as a particularly large downtime event that took thousands of websites down with it. When things go wrong with either an internal or external service, the right people need to be alerted to properly respond to the issue and communicate with customers.

Opsgenie quickly alerts incident responders when something goes wrong with an internal service – but what happens when the problem is caused by an external service? How can you keep track of the tens – or hundreds – of other services you rely on?

Introducing External Services in Opsgenie, powered by Statuspage – the best way to stay informed about the status of all the services you care about. With External Services, Opsgenie users can tap into the status of thousands of third-party services, including AWS, Twilio, Dropbox, DigitalOcean, and Shopify. As long as the service has a public Statuspage, you can get alerts for it in Opsgenie.

Adding an External Service to your Opsgenie account is easy; just choose from a directory of public Statuspages, then configure the alerting rules specific to each.

To help combat alert fatigue, you can filter by components, so you’re only alerted about the services you care about. For example, instead of being alerted about all Twilio incidents, you can choose to only be alerted when MMS or SMS are contributing to an incident.

filter incidents by components

Once the External Service is created and the appropriate components selected, you’re able to define the service, create incident templates, set up alerting rules, assign incident responders, add stakeholders who also need to receive notifications, and set alert priority based on corresponding Statuspage incident impact.

statuspage impact mapping

Combining the rich data of public Statuspages with the alerting power of Opsgenie means more visibility for internal teams, faster response, and, ultimately, increased trust and happier customers.

Get started with a free 14-day trial of Opsgenie to check it out for yourself – no Statuspage account necessary.

If you do want a Statuspage, or want your service added to the list of Opsgenie External Services, sign up for a free 30-day public page trial.

Introducing External Services in Opsgenie, powered by Statuspage