AUG Leaders at Summit 2015

For nearly a decade, Atlassian customers from around the globe have come together to network, learn, and share ideas at local user groups. Today, more than 10,000 people participate in Atlassian User Groups in over 25 countries.

The ever-growing popularity of Atlassian User Groups speaks to the power of shared knowledge and best practices, as well as to the fun of the Atlassian community. Needless to say, if you’re not attending one in your local community, you’re missing out!

Want to join in the awesome? Here are the essential details about the world of Atlassian User Groups, and how you can benefit from joining one – including the free swag.

AUG Leaders at Summit 2015

One of our Co-founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes, with AUG leaders at Summit 2015

What the heck is an AUG, anyway?

Atlassian User Groups (or AUGs) are free, community-led gatherings of Atlassian users. The topics and agenda are curated by each user group’s leader and Atlassian provides the food and drinks to get the good times rollin’. The result: learning and best practices in abundance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a veteran, all users are welcome.

We interviewed our user groups about why they keep coming back for more. This is what we heard, and what we think you will enjoy about joining your local AUG, too:

5 things people love about their Atlassian User Group

1. Learning best practices for Atlassian products

Whether its Jira, Confluence, Hipchat or one of our many dev tools, you’ll get an absurd amount of knowledge and inspiration at your local user group. The best practices, tips, and tricks either come directly from Atlassian or from industry experts and are guaranteed game-changers.

2. Hanging with the heroes…and becoming one

AUG members and leaders are the Atlassian rockstars within their organizations and they love to share solutions to common business problems. At user groups, you’ll get tactical suggestions that you can take back to your teams to help them be more successful. Trust us, they’ll be carrying you around on their shoulders in no time.

3. Meeting and learning from Atlassian users just like you

User groups are a great way to learn what works (or doesn’t) for teams just like yours. Joining your local user group is the best way to immerse yourself in the Atlassian community and make new friends while you’re at it.

4. Being the first in the know

AUG members are always in-the-know with the latest on new products and features. Altassian considers the user group community to be part of the Atlassian family and being part of the family means getting the inside scoop. If you’re an early adopter, or like being on the cutting edge, you’ll love the intel at user groups.

5. Free pizza, beer, and awesome swag

Atlassian supplies the goods to make sure our user group meetings aren’t all work and no play. Grab a pizza slice, a cold beverage and enjoy yourself.


We could go on for days, but nothing compares to experiencing it for yourself. Visit the AUG website to see when your next local user group is meeting.

Don’t see your city on the list? Fear not! You can live out one of our values, “Be the change you seek”, by starting up a new group. Learn more about how we can help you create and lead a user group in your city here.

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5 things you’ll love about joining an Atlass...