As we enter a post-pandemic hybrid workplace, many teams have become accustomed to conducting their most critical business operations and communication through apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams. These tools are where employees go when they’re filling out HR paperwork and have a question about benefits, and where sales reps look when they need to clarify their quota or troubleshoot a Salesforce issue. They’ve even become the place where customer success teams connect with their customers.

The one downside of so much business-critical communication happening via messaging apps? With all these requests flooding channels and DMs, it’s tricky to keep track and bring things through to a resolution.

In light of this challenge, Halp customers have seen the incredible value of conversational ticketing expand beyond traditional service desk users. What started as a way for IT teams to capture and track tickets via messaging has become a critical operational solution for departments across the entire business, from People Ops and Legal to Sales Ops and Finance. Rather than context switching between support portals and daily tools, Halp’s lightweight ticketing solution has allowed operations professionals to meet their teams where they already work and make sense of their cluttered inboxes.

Modern request management for your entire organization

How Atlassian made internal support conversational – on our most popular Slack channel

Customers like G2 and Pipedrive have seen so much value, they’ve rolled out Halp broadly across their organization, from legal to HR. Garrett Cook, who leads Information Security and IT at G2, actually says that one of his favorite things about Halp is the ability to transfer tickets between the many teams they have using it.

And Atlassian has turned to Halp to manage internal requests across 50-plus teams, including:

  • Onboarding remote employees. With so many new employees onboarding from the comfort of their homes, Halp gives People Ops teams the ability to handle the onslaught of virtual compensation, benefits, and home office setup questions. Requests can be prioritized and routed to the correct owner, while always keeping sensitive information private. Halp can even automate responses to repetitive questions, empowering employees to self-resolve.
  • Automating tedious deal desk tasks. Sales Ops teams can manage the end-of-quarter flurry of requests with ease, save precious time, and even collect data that helps identify larger process or communication breakdowns. According to one Atlassian deal desk manager, “Implementing Halp in [a] high-traffic Slack channel allowed us to finally be able to track and take action on inquiries in a more organized method. We can also now report on volume, type of asks, etc. because we have everything syncing on Jira Service Management now.”
  • Providing VIP customer support. The combination of Slack Connect and Halp allows customer success teams to build deeper relationships with their users and more accurately gauge the quality of their support experience. Customer advocates can meet their clients where they already work to capture and track issues, and report on resolution time, request volume, and customer satisfaction.

Reduced pricing into the conversation

Inspired by the many innovative ways our users have expanded their use of Halp across their organizations, today we’re excited to roll out new reduced pricing tiers that make it more affordable to bring message-based ticketing to your entire team. As more business and IT teams look to use Halp to streamline their request management processes, our reduced pricing makes it even easier for existing users to expand usage across teams and introduce colleagues outside of IT to conversational ticketing. With this new model, the more agents you add, the less you’ll pay per agent.

We want everyone in your organization to be able to reap the benefits of conversational ticketing. This new pricing is just one of many things we’re cooking up to help your entire team adopt Halp and manage requests with ease. Keep an eye out for lots of exciting product updates, including:

  • Enhanced reporting to better track CSAT and other key ticket resolution metrics
  • Additional queue-level privacy settings geared toward HR and legal teams
  • Reminders to help any team stay on top of tickets

You can stay up to date with our latest product updates here or by joining us on Slack!

A new era of request management