Atlassian and Accenture are on a mission to help companies achieve enterprise agility. We believe that every company can effectively connect its strategies and goals to team-level execution—and that every company can benefit from enterprise-level visibility of work and optimization of portfolios, dependencies, capacity, and investments. We also know this is a challenging organizational journey.

With this in mind, we thought about all of the ways we could help, and came up with the idea of a podcast series called “Tough Conversations with CIOs.” Our intent here is to have deep, critical, and meaningful conversations with CIOs about their journey to enterprise agility. We want to dig into what it really takes to achieve enterprise agility from a leadership, people, culture, and ways of working perspective. We want to bust some myths along the way and share detailed stories we hope will help you on your own journey.

Atlassian and Accenture are teaming up

Alexis and I are extremely excited to kick off the first in this series with Wendy Zacchio. Wendy has an incredible history as a C-level leader in the healthcare industry and has recently taken on the CIO role at the high-growth, disruptive health-tech company Zelis. Alexis and I met Wendy at an event and immediately started having “straight talk” conversations about the enterprise agility journey. Then we heard Wendy’s personal journey…and we were instantly hooked. 

We had to have Wendy on our first podcast and boy, did she deliver!

Some of the key learnings you will take away from this first episode are: 

  • How Wendy’s team is transforming healthcare tech for 100M consumers with agile methods
  • The challenges of integrating, modernizing, and streamlining multiple technology acquisitions
  • How to address the challenges CIOs face in adopting, championing, and sustaining the agile journey
  • Top tips on getting other CxOs “in the game” with the CIO
  • Hot takes on how to enable your people to “do their best work”
  • Why having the right partners on your enterprise agility journey matters
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One of our favorite insights from Wendy was the need to “throw the business teams in the mix.” We couldn’t agree more. Enterprise agility is not an IT/tech thing. It is an organizational thing and leaders are taking an end-to-end organizational approach.

We hope you enjoy this first episode with Wendy Zacchio, CIO of Zelis. We promise you more insight from Wendy in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more “tough conversations” to come.

-Christian & Alexis

Accenture and Atlassian Team Up for New Podcast Series Featuring Tough Conversations with CIOs