There comes a time in every team’s lifecycle when collaboration just gets harder. More people working together means communication (or lack thereof) can make or break a project, and keeping your collaboration humming and your documentation up-to-date becomes that much more difficult. No one wants your institutional knowledge to get lost in the shuffle as teams form and disband, new employees join, and others move on. While Confluence was made to serve as your team’s single source of truth for information, projects, and knowledge-sharing, until now, your growing team still needed a potent pain reliever to help your team stay effective and updated.

With scale comes responsibilities… loads of them

Site administrators get busier as your organization scales because they are often on the front lines, keeping your teams on Confluence productive. When your employees take time off, leave the company, or get locked out of pages, site administrators troubleshoot problems and (eventually) save the day. They are also on the hook to make sure that Confluence is available to your teams around the world and that support questions get answered.

When Confluence is central to your growing organization, your people also want to know how projects are progressing and how others are reacting to their content. They want to know who’s reading it, whether it’s making an impact on your business, and how they can get even better at sharing information and managing projects.

Enter Confluence Cloud Premium

Today, we’re helping your growing teams take their brain power to the next level with Confluence Cloud Premium. Our biggest customers asked for more tools to manage their Confluence sites at scale, and we built Confluence Cloud Premium to fill this need. Confluence Cloud Premium helps your enterprises scale effortlessly, giving your teams and site admins more visibility, advanced controls, and enhanced platform support. 

Make better decisions

As your growing team creates more content in Confluence, keeping it relevant, useful, and easily findable can be tough. Analytics give everyone on your team the ability to see what’s happening across Confluence with site-, space-, and page-level reports. 

Your site admins, execs, and project leads can easily monitor the content your teams are creating, liking, commenting on, and viewing the most. They can remind your team members to read important information, keep popular pages up-to-date, and even use the best pages as templates for new content.

Site admins can clean up your out-of-date spaces and archive them. Site, space, and page analytics are open by default, but your admins can lock down site- and space-level analytics for certain groups as needed. 

Your entire team can use analytics to improve content and operate efficiently:

  • Admins can report on which teams are using Confluence and identify best practices for keeping your teams active. Admins can see your stale pages or spaces and archive or reorganize them.
  • Human resources teams can make sure your widely viewed policy pages are up-to-date and accurate. They can also link to supporting information on your employee benefits.
  • Product marketers can make sure your sales teams are using the latest marketing collateral so they land the next customer meeting.
  • Content managers can use insights about your most popular content to continue developing great pages.

Fix permissions problems fast

With admin key, your administrators can solve the permissions problems that bog down your org in a fraction of the time. Admin key gives your admins the flexibility to view restricted pages temporarily so they can easily update permissions and grant access to your team members who need them. Site admins may request access to a restricted page from the page owner or use admin key to view and edit the page for a short time.

fixing permissions problems in confluence

When your site administrators use admin key, actions are logged and page owners get an email notifying them that their page was accessed.

fixing permissions problems in confluence

Site admins can use admin key to restore permissions and keep your teams productive when:

  • Someone is restricted from viewing a page they used to have access to.
  • A page owner has left the company or is on extended leave, and their page is critical to day-to-day operations. 
  • Onboarding new employees, so they have access to a predecessor’s documentation.

Rest easy with uptime, all the time

As more and more Confluence customers choose to deploy on Cloud, we’ve prioritized getting enterprise-grade storage, availability, and support right for them. When your Confluence site supports thousands of people, even small issues can become big problems. Confluence Cloud Premium comes with:

  • Unlimited storage (above the 250 GB limit on the Confluence Standard plan).
  • A 99.9% uptime service level agreement that’s financially backed with service credits.
  • Premium Support, available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with one-hour response times for your critical issues.

With Confluence Cloud Premium’s platform features, your company is prepared for scale and can support your teams all over the world, whether they are remote, global, or remote and global.

Stay tuned for much more

We’ll keep building new features to improve Confluence Cloud, no matter what plan you choose. Confluence Cloud Premium will soon have even more features to help enterprises scale your team’s knowledge. We’ll introduce more tools for addressing your permissions issues and allow you to share pages and spaces with your external partners. With Confluence Cloud Premium, every team – whether you’re large or small – can choose the Confluence Cloud plan that best suits your needs.

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