At this moment in tech and culture, it seems like there’s every tool and channel imaginable for productivity, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication. Inevitably, there comes a time when all those emails, messages, apps, spreadsheets, and documents spread across various locations start to work against you and your team. 

Data and conversations accumulating in separate spaces can quickly become overwhelming, confusing, and hard to keep track of. Without a centralized system for storing data, sharing documents, and working together on projects, teams may lack the access or knowledge they need to work seamlessly. There has to be a better way.

Enter Confluence Standard

Confluence Standard brings all these tools for creating and sharing knowledge under one roof as a single source of truth. Teams now have a centralized place to create pages to document and share work, brainstorm creatively with whiteboards, and organize content and knowledge in a way that’s easily findable and always up-to-date. 

Let’s dig deeper into the specific ways Confluence Standard can support your team as it scales.

A source of truth for all

Employees spend 3.6 hours every day searching for information – that’s almost half their day wasted trying to find information to do their job. In addition to taking valuable time away from higher-impact work, the stress and frustration of looking for info can have negative effects on overall team morale and productivity. The good news? Confluence Standard centralizes knowledge across your organization, keeping your teams on the same page.

  • A single place for shared knowledge: With up to 250 GB of storage, your teams have more space to create more pages, share more files and create whiteboards to keep collaboration in one place.
  • Bring your whole team along: Invite as many people as you need to connect the dots across your organization. This is a major upgrade from Confluence Free, which supports up to only 10 users.
  • Collaborate with external parties: Confluence Standard is a game-changer when it comes to partnering with stakeholders outside your organization, like agencies, consultants, or any other external parties. You can share public announcement resources with public links, grant people without a license view-only access to a specified Confluence space, and even allow up to five guests per paid user to actively collaborate in spaces for free.

Better insights and controls

As teams grow, there are more roles at different levels and new departments with unique functions. There may be content that you’re working on that’s not ready to share with the wider team, or sensitive content that needs to be kept confidential, or only shared with a small group. Confluence Standard takes that into account to ensure content is shared with the right people and even allows users to see how many times it’s been viewed.

  • Stay safe with page permissions: Specify who can view, edit and comment on your pages, so important info can stay restricted until you’re ready to share. The same can apply to entire spaces controlled by the admins who created them.
  • Keep content fresh: When a page becomes outdated or no longer relevant, you can archive it. This way, your teams have access to the latest, most important content, but you can still access it later if needed.
  • Get access to page insights:  Understand what pages are being viewed and which pages may need more attention, updating, or awareness from the team. Page insights show how many people have viewed a page, including total views and unique viewers for a designated period or all time. You can also see the estimated read time per page and the number of comments on a page.

Grow with confidence

As teams grow, so do the complexities of managing people, content and data across different regions and geographies. Confluence Standard can scale with your team and support it as it changes and grows:

  • 9 – 5 support team is located around the globe to address questions and concerns quickly.
  • Data residency so you control where you want your data hosted in Atlassian’s global cloud footprint to meet compliance requirements.
  • Audit logs to track changes made to your team’s Confluence site. This is a useful function when troubleshooting technical issues or keeping a record of any significant adjustments your team made in the platform 

No more blind spots

No team wants to deal with siloed work environments, fragmented data, knowledge gaps, or inconsistencies when they need to access company documents. Confluence Standard is a single source of truth that empowers your teams to collaborate across all of your organization’s documents in one centralized location. And with easily accessible customer support and additional collaboration tools, your team can work with anyone, anywhere. 

Take the next step for your team and try Confluence Standard for free today. 

If you’re interested in more advanced controls, insights and collaborative features like AI, unlimited whiteboards, and more, learn more about Confluence Premium.

Say goodbye to team silos with Confluence Standard