Last week, I was a guest on a special Zendesk integration webinar talking about integrating your Zendesk with Atlassian Jira.

What did you miss?

After a brief introduction to the session, we covered a demo of Jira 4 (@7:15), a walk-thru of the configuration details for both Zendesk and Jira (@18:25), and a demo of the integration in action (28:00). This was followed by Q&A from the attendees (@44:00).
The webinar recording is now up on AtlassianTV, and I have included a copy here:

Jira Zendesk Plugin is free and open source

The Zendesk Updater plugin for Jira is free and available on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. The source code is also open and available for you to help improve the integration between Zendesk and Jira.
If you’re not a developer, but still have some good ideas, you can submit any issues or suggestions for improvement to help improve the integration going forward.

Webinar Recording: Zendesk integration with Jira