Sorry Sydney folks, we’re not talking about your beloved sandwich cookies. (Though a Tim Tam or 10 never hurt anybody.) Today we’re talking about another type of TAM: the Technical Account Manager.

Atlassian TAMs give our largest enterprise customers an essential line of support. They help customers optimize deployment and use of our products. TAMs work with teams to reduce risk through reviews and planning, and they assist in strategic approaches to deployment and upgrades which help in the prevention of outages. Together, these services help our customers continue to work and innovate without interruptions.


How does a TAM support your success at every step?

Provides a single point of contact for:

  • Coordinating support resources
  • Escalating feature requests, enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Clearing business and technical hurdles, including advisories on upgrades and patch planning

Offers best practices for:

  • Training your team
  • Using and scaling product features
  • Integrating your Atlassian products with third party tools and add-ons

Presents solutions planning for:

  • Quarterly on-site visits for retrospectives and strategic planning
  • An annual health-check including an executive report for goal planning and KP measurement
  • Quarterly support metrics and product usage trends with insights into mitigating problem impact areas

Atlassian_Enterprise_Services___Atlassian Join us next month for a meet-and-greet with Adam Saint-Prix, our first Atlassian TAM!

In the meantime, you can learn more about the TAM program by getting in contact with our team of Enterprise Advocates.

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