Spoton Bevan, Correspondent for the y’Arts

February 6, 2009 – 12:59PM


Australia’s cultural imperialism took another step backwards today with the inclusion of a a US language pack for Jira.

Created by Jiras product manager, Brian Lane, it now contains a number of changes to text keys that will make Jira more familiar to its US audience.

“It will really help people organize their favorite issues and colors.” said Lane. “It occurred to me it really should have been done.”

“I whipped it up over the course of a few weeks and figured it would be easy to place into Jira 3.13.3”

What Lane and others failed to anticipate was that the Bamboo tests for Jira run in St Louis MO,  which is notorious for running in the en_US locale. So test assertions for “my favourite filters” were very likely to fail, and in fact did so many times.

The Sydney, Australia based development team did manage to make a small cultural win by forcing the JVM to be -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=AU everywhere.

“Its a sad day for many of us here” said Brad Baker, the developer force to commit the changes.  “We resisted as much as we could but in the end what could we do?  We did manage to retain the word  ‘Cheers’ instead of ‘Regards’ on the bottom of our email template.  So thats something.”

“I sat, with tears in my eyes, and sang Advance Australia Fair as well as the Sex Pistols version of God Save The Queen.” said Mark Lassau, who look helplessly on while the language pack was committed.

It is not know ultimately how popular the language pack will be with US audiences, however it is likely to be gain some traction amongst American movie goers who sat through Baz Lurhmans latest film.

Well may we say "God save the Queen!" because nothing will save our cultural imperialism