After attending 7 weddings this past season, I got a good idea of what I would and would not do at my wedding. After proposing to my long term girlfriend last month, I really had to start thinking about this and how to plan.
I quickly came to one solution…. Confluence!

I opted to plan my wedding on our hosted offering of Confluence. A personal instance of Confluence was my second choice. Since I already had a hosted account, I simply added a ‘Wedding’ space and off I went. So far, you can see our Wedding Dashboard complete with what pages (or categories) we have included:
We are only a month into planning but like to think we are ahead of the game by using Confluence. The first thing we tackled was the guest list which we used the excel macro for. For shorter lists, such as the wedding party, we simply added a table within a page.
At any rate, I was just proud to be using the software my company makes for such an important part of my life and wanted to share with you what, yet another possibility is!

Wedding on my Wiki!...