Taskdock_Logo.jpgDo you frequently find youself emailing or IM’ing Confluence links to people asking them for their feedback? If so Taskdock may be for you. Taskdock is a new Confluence plugin that just announced its public beta this morning on Atlassian’s Plugin of the Month webinar.
You’ll be blown away by what these guys were able to build inside Confluence….Taskdock completely changes the way users interact with the app. The beta sports the following key features:

  • Assign Tasks – Users can assign Confluence-related tasks (read page, edit page, comment on page, add attachment, etc) to other users and groups;
  • Easy Completion – Tasks are magically marked complete when you do them – you don’t have to explicitly mark them complete
  • A meaningful dashboard – Adds a prioritized task list to each page and a personal task list to the dashboard
  • Accomplish tasks via email – Tasks such as commenting, responding to a thread, and adding attachments can be completed by simply replying to the email
  • Automatically closes the loop – If you complete something that matches a specific task, such as updating a specific attachment or responding to a specific thread, it prompts you to mark the related task complete

In the future they plan to expose an API where you can incorporate actions from 3rd party plugins like completing a form, updating a diagram or mockup.
You can download Taskdock from their website at taskdock.com or see a demo in the embedded video below (from minute 8:40 to 21:20).

Taskdock may revolutionize how you use Confluence...