There’s never been a better time to achieve your goals with guided learning: today, we’re introducing 100% free and flexible on-demand courses at Atlassian University.

Not yet familiar with Atlassian University? Atlassian University offers learning to support you and your team at every stage of your journey, whether you’re getting started with a new product, upgrading to a premium edition, mastering advanced admin skills, or preparing for an official certification. We cover key concepts, core features, best practices, and even soft skills to help your team collaborate and communicate. And now it’s all free.

Build confidence and skills

You can get started with courses that cover the basics — key concepts, core product features, and best practices — then validate your skills with a career-boosting credential. Or, you can take the guided route on one our learning paths, which are series of courses designed to help you achieve a particular goal.

Previously, on-demand courses cost $39. Starting today, you can enroll in any of our flexible and focused courses—or any of the learning paths containing those courses—for free.

Here’s a sample of some of our most popular courses and what you can learn from them:

Managing Jira Service Projects helps you get a service desk up and running using Jira Service Management. The course includes how-tos on the most crucial configuration tasks like configuring and branding your customer portal or creating queues and SLAs for your service team—and more.

Asset Management Essentials in Jira Service Management guides you in configuring and administering Assets to effectively manage your enterprise assets (EAM) and IT assets (ITSM)—and to leverage Assets’ CMDB capabilities.

Confluence Administration helps you understand the most important Confluence administrative tasks. Learn how to set up and configure your instance, manage users and groups, and control permission settings—plus, use best practices to structure and organize content, even across multiple teams.

Getting More from Jira Workflows: Optimizing your workflows is key to getting the most out of Jira. This hands-on course helps you learn best practices and solutions through real-world business scenarios.

And that’s just the start! Explore the entire on-demand catalog to see what else you can learn.

Three ways Atlassian University can help you achieve your goals

Why learning styles don’t work – and proven ways to learn more effectively

If you prefer to learn with a little guidance, our learning paths are also divided helpfully, so you can start with your most important goal:

  • Onboarding: Invest self-guided time in understanding product basics and best practices so you can start working today.
  • Delivering better outcomes at work: Whether you’re an Atlassian product administrator looking to learn the skills and knowledge to support your team, or a team member or lead looking to dive into an effective team practice or framework, our learning paths will get you closer, faster.
  • Advancing your career: Once you’ve built confidence and skills in our products, prove your expertise and earn more credibility with an Atlassian Certification. Atlassian certifications validate your knowledge and skills with Atlassian solutions so that you can stand out to employers. To start preparing for a certification exam, enroll in one of our free certification preparation learning paths. Even if you’re new to the Atlassian ecosystem, you can use on-demand courses to prepare for an entry-level Associate certification.

See what you can learn today—and uncover where you might go tomorrow. 🚀

Introducing 100% free on-demand learning