frazzled.jpg How many hours a year do your developers and product managers spend replying to sales people’s queries about customer’s feature requests? At an average software company, these requests can whittle away multiple days of combined productivity each year and drive the people chasing down these details batty.
If this is a problem that you want to solve, Customware’s Salesforce plugin for Jira might be just what the Doctor ordered.
I’m a huge fan of this plugin because in past jobs, I’ve been that guy chasing down bug and feature request statuses with the development team. The developers hated these interruptions because they just wanted to code, and the sales guys hated any delays and would spam hourly until they got a response.
With the Salesforce-Jira plugin, all of the issues related to a specific sales person or customer get populated straight into Now, the sales people can quickly fulfill issue customer status requests within their own CRM tool. Based on my experience, the team productivity impact of this feature alone is staggering.
Besides being able to both feed data from Jira into (the feature I salivated over earlier), Customware’s plugin supports a couple other cool use cases.
The plugin can populate Jira issues with up to seven key data attributes (like customer name, product, etc) when they are entered within
Finally, for those using is a customer support tool, users are able to create new Jira issues within You can read about how uses the feature in this case study.
If you want to check out the features in action, check out the cool video that Jennifer just posted a few days back.

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