This week, Wojciech Seliga and Sławomir Ginter from SPARTEZ gave a fantastic presentation at Devoxx on Effective Code Reviews in Agile Teams. Despite last minute schedule changes, the room was packed with eager attendees for this BOF discussion..

“some people spent [the] entire hour either standing or just laying down on the floor.”

Wojciech and Sławomir, who work on Atlassian’s IDE Connectors and Clover integrations to IDE’s, respectively, shared insights on how Atlassian gets value from doing code reviews internally using Crucible and the IDE Connector for IntelliJ. They covered the key reasons for doing code review and explained how to clear some of the major hurdles typical development teams face when establishing the process.
One interesting point taken from the presentation is that all development teams make the code review process work differently — even here at Atlassian each team has their own nuances — but there are several common tools and principles they all share to make code review effective.

Check out the slides from the preso

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Wojciech’s Quickie on Thursday is about the Atlassian IDE Connector.

See it in action

Check out how code review is made easy with the Atlassian IDE Connector for Crucible:

Standing room only for code review discussion at D...