Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 will take place from May 2-5, 2017 in beautiful Barcelona and we’re looking for great talk proposals. Whether you’ve presented at one of our conferences before or will be a first-time speaker, we’d love to hear what you have to say. All Summit Breakout and AtlasCamp speakers will receive a free pass to that respective event and, best of all, the right to roam the halls as a bona fide Summit celeb. We’ll be accepting Summit Europe submissions until December 16th and AtlasCamp submissions until January 31st – what are you waiting for?

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Summit Europe: Team up and work better together

For Summit we’re looking for great stories that will inspire fellow attendees and provide them with insights to help their own teams collaborate and build what’s next. Whether you scaled Jira Software to be used by thousands of employees, your service team has cut the response time in half after adopting Jira Service Desk, you’ve found a unique way to stay agile and keep your roadmap up-to-date, or you’re breaking down silos and collaborating with all parts of your organization through Hipchat and Confluence, we want to hear about it!

We want to know how you’ve improved your work and fostered a team focused culture that builds amazing things together. Take a look at our tracks to get more ideas on what topics we’re looking for. But even if your idea doesn’t fit into any of our categories, don’t hesitate and submit it.

Plan & Track

Plans change fast nowadays. How do modern teams plan and track projects and product development? How do they focus on the big picture while adapting changes on the fly? Learn how Atlassian helps teams get more done faster.

Build & Deploy

Software development changes in a service-first-world. Users expect updates frequently, instantly, and without any downtime. How do development teams ensure quality, reliability, and create a DevOps focused deployment pipeline? See how tools and technologies help software teams work closer together and deploy better software with confidence.

Service & Ops

IT operations & support are a critical part of every company. These teams need to collaborate closely with other teams in the organization in order to deliver solutions fast. Learn how effective teams measure, monitor, automate, and improve their processes, infrastructure, and service management in the DevOps era.

Teams & Innovation

Building strong, collaborative, and focused teams at all levels of an organization is important for its ongoing success. This track is all about how to improve teamwork, connect distributed teams, create a DevOps culture, scale teams, balance innovation with day-to-day work, and much more.

Scale & Extend

If you want to take your use of Atlassian products to the next level, these sessions are for you. Get practical tips easing administration, upgrading versions, increasing end-user adoption, scaling your infrastructure, and using Atlassian in unusual ways.

AtlasCamp: Amazing add-ons and developer topics

For AtlasCamp at Summit we’re looking for developers who want to share their experiences with our APIs and Platform with the rest of the developer community. Did you find a unique way to develop your Connect add-on faster in the cloud? Do you want to share some learnings and insights from your last add-on project? Have you discovered some technologies or techniques that improved your development? Submit today. Here are our AtlasCamp tracks:

Build Amazing Add-ons

Get technical training on Atlassian Connect and P2 so you can build amazing add-ons and plugins that deeply integrate with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Hipchat, and other products.

Ecosystem Developer Best Practices

Become a better add-on developer with sessions about Docker, Microservices, cloud architecture, and many more developer topics.

Advanced Add-on Techniques

New for 2017 – Dive deep with the greatest minds in the Atlassian Ecosystem. Learn how to deploy advanced add-ons into the cloud, how to reuse code better for cross platform add-ons, and much more. There will be plenty of code shown!

Growing your Add-on Business

Learn how to bring your marketplace listing to the next level, hear from customers about how add-ons change their business, and what you can do to make your add-on stand out.

First time speaker?

Don’t be afraid of the spotlight, we’ll help you with the confidence boost you need. We offer in-person and remote speaker training for all speakers. Our track leads help you tell your story with outline reviews, slide reviews and session rehearsals. You’ll never be left alone. We want you to make a great impact with your talk.

Some submission pro tips

  • Look at successful submissions from previous Summit & AtlasCamp years. What stories made it into the program? What information was shared in the abstract?
  • Find a title that summarizes your talk. Don’t try to be too fancy.
  • Describe the problem first.
  • Keep the audience in mind. What will other users of Atlassian products like to hear from you?
  • Give some concrete examples for what your talk will cover.
  • Make sure you have key takeaways for your attendees.

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