In this release, the team focused on making the day-to-day interaction with your reviews faster and more enjoyable. The new review activity stream puts the entire review discussion at your fingertips. In one click (or keyboard shortcut), you can access new comments or read up on the entire discussion if you joined the review a bit later. 

To make your review experience even more smooth, the release also includes a number of performance and responsiveness fixes.

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Review activity

Using the new review activity stream, you can quickly see if there are any new comments in a review and easily navigate between them.


The stream provides all the discussions about the review in chronological order, highlighting any unread comments.

It also includes all of the comments made for previous revisions of the reviewed files. Previously, this required you to adjust the revision slider. Clicking on a comment will take you directly to the relevant place in the review.

You’ll never miss a comment again!

Review performance improvements

This release brings improvements to loading times for reviews with many files and comments, and for review dashboards. Our tests have shown reviews with 200 comments loading up to 15 times faster.

We also improved the general responsiveness of the review screen, which makes navigating the review much more efficient.

Other improvements and bug fixes

The release includes a lot of other fixes and changes, too, including Oracle 12c support. Check out the Fisheye 3.9 release notes and Crucible 3.9 release notes to learn about all of the changes.

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